Year: 2016

Two peas in a pod or two watermelons in a patch, its all gmo stuff now

It was a skin blistering hot Tuesday morning when I was invited to support the political candidate of my choice and a little air conditioning might have been the thing I needed that day. I noticed even though there were 57 choices not one candidate said or did anything that remotely interested me so I chose the heat. Looking back at the situation not going was the best answer to this epic decision.

Politics incites violence and division. Name one instance where a conflict was solved with either diplomacy or violence, they just go on and on making us corporate enemies to protect the state. They are trying to sell you war, they are trying to sell you exceptionalism and they are lying with every breath they steal.

All the energy wasted telling and entertaining lies is how we got to where we are now. Its not the elite, its not the politicians, its us. We all get frothy around the mouth saying Hillary should go to prison or by making fun of Trump for his stupid immigration ideas. These people don’t solve problems. They are jesters on a stage, nary a brain cell could be found among them and the crowd begs them to continue, maybe we will defeat the terrorists and live in democracy is the tune they hum and we all know government is bad for everybody except the government.

The governments equally incite violence and create the division within the group that really doesn’t exist in the first place. Political partys are like tits. How can you favor one tit over the other tit? The people who claim to stand in your defense against the doers of evil are representatives of  the doers of evil pretending that evil exists. Does Coke, Monsanto or Glencore mean anything to anybody? Research them who believe they own you and stop begging them to own you.

The front men for these corporations fly around the world telling their sheep to conserve and think of the other guy as they fuck life up for the average Joe through the most ridiculous displays of greed and narcissism ever performed in a public venue. One of the best cons the fed promoted was advertising in central and south america to send their poorest to the USA for a new beginning with the financial backing of the host government and telling the citizens they are entering illegally. Owning land is such a huge lie it leads people to be concerned about all the wrong problems. Is there a difference between being an immigrant and being a settler?

Like what is happening to Palestine, victimize the aggressor and play games with the truth by blaming a land grab on a religion based lie that most of us don’t dare to challenge. We engage in popular rhetoric or religious wars we don’t know anything about to stay irresponsible unless you consider researching a myth research. Like religion politics is man made but the writers claim divine inspiration to explain their ridiculous tales of snakes, ribs and big boats that carried big animals. The masses use emotional weakness and the suffering of others as a foundation to toot the horn of their personal authority, so the average Joe seems comfortable on his knees begging for somebody else to do something.

My assessment of the political theater I am watching earns these asshats a big thumbs down the only accomplishment they take credit for is destruction. Everything they touch turns to shit and all who participate are forced to fight each other to attain the correct answer. Could this design be the cause and not the cure?


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Barbed Wire or Rope?

There is a moment that arrives when the fear of the unknown is less terrifying than the knowledge of the known, at that instant a decision is made and in a flash life takes a new direction.

Leaving normal is frowned upon by those who profit from or believe they make the wheels of normal turn and the crowd begs for the chains of safety and security, because as we all know, safety first is the cry of the hopelessly indoctrinated. I never did understand what safety has to do with the unknown, so society in their collective superiority created an explanation for my own good.

Society made lists of rules to be obeyed with strict guidelines and regulations complete with detailed punishments for disobeying.

As the leadership brags about the freedoms and the security their untrained, heavily armed enforcement professionals have kept for them, they ignore the average Joe that is expected to do as they are commanded by a stranger with what appears to be a shiny badge and a loaded weapon.

Its barbed wire or rope

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Why I’ll Vote for the Jewish Candidate in the 2016 US Presidential Election


Today, American voters are left to choose between the lesser of two evils. The disapproval rating of Clinton and Trump hovers around 60%. Possibly for the first time in American history, the new White House resident will be the least disliked of the two party picks.

In 2000, electorates were faced with similar quandary. They had to choose between George W Bush/Dick Cheney or Al Gore/Joe Lieberman tickets. Else, cast their votes for the alternative that had little or no chance of winning.

Three years later, it became very clear that “evils” flock together. To make the case for war, Bush’s greatest asset in US Senate was none other than Gore’s running mate, Lieberman. The Democratic vice presidential candidate who ran against the “evil” Republican, was the most faithful warrior in Bush’s loyal “evil” army in US Senate.

Hilary Clinton wasn’t far behind Lieberman. With her eyes on the White House, she proved to be an opportunist, voting to the sentiment of the majority of Americans who at the time supported the war. Leadership is front of the wagon, not behind it; Clinton failed her biggest leadership test.

Experience aside, Clinton and Trump are not much different: She’s wicked in politics, he’s evil in business. She supported unjust wars. He exploited workers and bankrupted businesses.

That’s why in 2016, I refuse to vote for the lesser evil and have decided to cast my vote next November for the Jewish US presidential candidate.

Jill Stein refuses to sell her soul to “evil doers” and financiers of US elections. She speaks for millions of students who are overburdened by bank loans. Her Green Party platform advocates living wages for hard working Americans. She stood up to American Zionist financiers of the two-party system: Sheldon Adelson supporting Trump and Haim Saban backing Clinton.

Heads or tails, Zionist financiers can always count on a winner in the White House.

Stein is the only candidate with the courage to tell Israeli leaders that US taxpayers’ money will be contingent on peace talk. Unlike current and previous presidents, Stein promised to withhold U.S. financial aid if Israeli continues flaunting American human rights values.

In an interview with the Israeli Newspaper Haartz, Stein warned Israel, “Home demolitions, occupation, assassination, apartheid…” against Palestinians wouldn’t be tolerated in her administration.

On the International front, Obama ended most of Bush and the Zioncon’s wars. He ended America’s last cold war relic and established relationship with Cuba. And to a lesser extent, he stood up to the hubris Israeli rightwing prime minister and the powerful Israeli lobby in Washington. Even though, last week he cowered and agreed to grant Israel $38 billion of US taxpayers’ money in next ten years, the largest set-aside entitlement foreign aid package ever. That’s fucked up.

Still, optimistic as it maybe, but I’m hoping Obama will garner the audacity before he leaves office and proclaim an enforceable peace framework and to recognize Palestine.

Back to US election, it could be rationally argued that if it wasn’t for eight miserable years under Bush, American voters might not have taken a chance on someone, like Obama from outside the Party establishment. Bush. Obama. The rest. All puppets of Zionism/Israel.

The worst that could happen in November is electing the less experienced evil. Unfortunately, Americans would most likely suffer as a result. But hopefully short pain, long term gain. The bigger the evil in the White House, the better the chance is for no evil next election’s round. American should vote for the greater good, not the lesser evil. They should vote for anyone not in bed with AIPAC/Israel. Truth be told, they wouldn’t get elected. If your not AIPAC approved, you win nothing. How about just not voting for either wings on the same bird. Or we could just put the moronic voters in those FEMA camps all over America, and rid the populace of false patriotic braindeads.


– Jamal Kanj ( writes regular newspaper column and publishes on several websites on Arab world issues. He is the author of “Children of Catastrophe,” Journey from a Palestinian Refugee Camp to America. He contributed parts of this article to

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Am I addicted to terrorism?

Imagine a world where people live in peace and prosperity, now forget it, it is not in the plans of the shit heads running your life down the toilette. Hillary was digging her claws into the terrorists must be stopped rhetoric without participating herself. She got her sheep to carry that dead horse for her through the deception of 911.

Then her supporter Trump agreed to play the part of her worthy adversary, prompting the ignorant rah rah voters of the other stupid party to stay violent and hate victims of US business aggression carried out by the Military using every dirty trick and misdirection their team of experts in congress could find.

Here we sit in 2016 awaiting the opportunity to get Obama out and change the smell of shit in the oval office and the public laps it up like its a tasty treat fit for a debt slave.

Is this the best we can do as a collective?

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Old Blood n Guts

The night that Obooboo and Putinitin met was what we were all waiting to see, the meeting of the powerful decision makers, a no holds barred, winner take all fight to the death! At last we could get to the end of the endless fighting and come to a barbaric settlement that all would feel good about.

The crowd was on their feet, screaming for their chosen to succeed in the final conflict that would ultimately unite all of us whether we liked it or not. The one nighter started all those years ago had devolved into a love hate relationship that would result in, the two worst dogs joining forces to consummate their fiendish union and become one. The lesson we all learned that night was, people will do anything to survive.

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Why Do Ya Gots Ta Have Bad Guys?

As I stroll through commerce land on my way to get out of the city land one idea stands out above all others. What is this renegade idea trying to prove? As the thug with the gun says, show me your papers I wonder, Why Do Ya Gots Ta Have Bad Guys?

There was a time when the Law behaved like human beings, there are people who claim they are doing a dirty job. Life is better without them. I have read there are people so tired of the cops the people are shooting back.

Whether its true or not isnt as important as the danger of the idea being real. The threat of Law enforcement killing people like its a sport made wonder who the bad guys are.

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Balls of steel or the brains of the dreaded antisocial anarchist

When I took the time to think about the nature of freedom I am allowed to have by an entity that had no face or even an honest voice of representation I started to rethink my position on freedom. If freedom is something you are granted or allowed, where does the freedom part enter the equation?

How am I free if my owners are allowing me certain unalienable Rights?

Am I contracting to be a slave by agreeing to this handout by the folks that hold my documentation through a lack of honesty and a blatant display of control and enforcement on their end?

The foundation of the life they were so generous to allow me is all based on BULLSHIT! Some of it sounds good, some of it feels good but if I can lose all I have labored for to a group of slave owning, narcissistic, do-gooders because I don’t have enough capital to pay the taxes extorted from me to the street I will go.

Is this freedom? Is this using the Rights I was given by the group I don’t want to belong to? The demands of freedom are exhausting, comply or fry doesn’t seem like a choice it feels like a demand. The greed that drives men to destroy others so they can be SOMEBODY is truly the sickest form of self deception we have. Being on top is the goal and we will do what it takes to get there.

I would rather not and for that I am labeled by the other slaves as a traitor to the king they serve. To the few folks I have met that know the difference I say, what a trip this is, we are herding cats using dead rats. Cats like to play with what they hunt or so I thought.

I defined my opinion on freedom. Got anything to add?

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Citizens = Trained Monkeys

We are Such Funny (and I don’t mean Ha-Ha) Monkeys…. Many of Us don’t recognize Our Handlers…. or Even SEE Our Cages….. We just go about our day Filling In Circles (be sure to stay inside the lines or it won’t count and you won’t get your Treat)….. Poking Buttons or Pulling Levers…. or maybe even Punching out Holes (be careful with that pointy object… you could put someone’s eye out)…. and when we don’t get the Results we think we Should Get….. We Trash the Joint, Beat Up Our Fellow Monkeys and Sling POO Everywhere! Then, to Top it All Off….. We EXPECT Someone Else to Clean Up the Mess….. all the while Screaming “We’re No.1”

Silly Monkeys…. Most of You don’t WANT to Know Your Handlers are Watching & Laughing….. You are Comfortable in your Not So Invisible Cage…… This is how it’s Always been done…… and Heaven Forbid another Monkey starts rattling The Cage…… You May Not get your Daily Ration of Rotting Bananas…… Never mind that this Other Monkey is showing you where the Fresh Bananas Are….. You may even be able to SEE that there are Plenty for Everyone….. No More NEED to Run & Tussle & Fight for the Rotting Ones….. All You NEED to DO is BREAK OUT of Your Cage…….

But that’s Too Much to Ask….. You’re Comfortable Here….. This is how it’s Always Been…… So You Monkey Pile the “Other” Monkey…. You Destroy Them….. and then calmly go back to eating your Rotting Banana….. all the while thinking “That Monkey was a Trouble Maker, They were trying to Mess Up Our System, They Got What was Coming To Them, Had to be Done…. for the Good of Us All….. and For The Children”….

Meanwhile….. The Handlers are Watching….. Put a Check Mark on their Clipboard and turn to walk away….. Grinning from Ear to Ear!

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The Day The Cell Phone Towers Died and The Satelites Werent Working

The story you are not reading is about a possible future, a future that reeks of political control and social engineering. The kind of life you would wish on a foreigner moving into your neighborhood and occasionally a few people you grew up with. This story has nothing to do with online gaming, getting closer to your family or being available 24 hours a day to blow your employer. It has everything to do with being distracted so you don’t chase Cannabis and realize that everything that is popular has a back door you will never find, I call it the trap.

The level of distraction introduced into daily life has reached the threshold of critical mass. I see a toe from that first foot taking that last step before there is no return. It seems modern technology has a goal. Could it have been designed this way so we don’t spend time doing things that have a real worth that could help sustain this mass illusion called society?

In the long run competition breeds corruption, thieves and the enforcement of the collections department. It has a built in shortage to supply the makers of this trap with grins and smiles that reach deep bank holdings in far away lands. I mean places you will never see in your life time, only a few will win. I know, people need to learn how to survive in this unfair, unrealistic social experiment we call society.

This is another band-aid on a gaping wound that is festering with the colors of the rainbow and the masses are entertained. If I was hunting an animal I would use the bait appropriate to catch what I was chasing. What would I use if I was hunting human and what bait would I chose? Which corporations stock would interest me? With all the human choices split up into so many categories and separated by so many languages, where is the best bang for my hunt?

I was oddly amused reading about BET cards not working, it seemed strange there were glitches in a government computer system designed to feed the poorest of its corporate cattle. What will we do when the phone towers get hijacked by the terrorists? Will you ever believe there are no satellites? We have been reduced to cell phone leadership, how many people say out loud my life is on my phone?

I don’t understand the tech side of this computer driven society but I can cut and paste and with a little help from Cirk, Mary and lots of help from Grimnir get on RLM at TDT. We are collecting in small groups, some of us are in other groups too, some of us are less social. The things you believe are what make your reality what it is. Choose the road you like and enjoy the journey or obey the rules and drown in self imposed sacrifice.

I sit here another sheep, herded into the E-Society, smoking and drinking my life away one squiggle at a time. I am comfortable with the belief that the results I have are the results I was seeking.

The End

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