Freedom’s Network Rules

1: NO SPAMMING! Spam accounts will be deleted.

2: No nudity

3: No being a dick.

If you can refrain from violating those three rules, you will be safe from being kicked off the site.

If you’re here to Troll, be bullies, or fling crap at others, you wont last here.

Your opinions are valuable, but judgments of others is not your place!

It’s as simple as that.


Updated: January 13, 2019 — 1:19 pm


  1. Simple ain’t it ,an it shouldn’t be all that hard, to understand

  2. then u need to change the name as for freedom means anything goes so please tell me what freedoms can be used here in this group just answer me on my profile

    1. you have the freedom to not to be here, the freedom to make your own network, your own social site, on your terms… and that, fellow human, is the ultimate freedom, the freedom of creating your own choices, to pursuit your own happiness as you see fit by your own means.

      1. Yeah, what she said.

      2. Simply put Cirk. Two simple rules, keeps out the fools!

        1. Could not be further from the truth

      3. and u r being a Dick

  3. I LIKE the rules here… They are PERFECT !!!

  4. not being a dick is subjective
    a dick

    1. The illusion of freedom has a huge price, somehow the idea of compromise has been added to the freedom recipe for those who get their feelings hurt by the stupidity of strangers

  5. Get ready for trolls…FB is censoring, so I shared your link there. I believe you are better. Anyone, can you lead me to the monthly charge????

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