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OK Folks, We now (04/04/2016) have ‘Facebook” style walls on our profile pages.

If you look at your own profile, you will something like this:

Own Wall

If you look at someone else’s wall, you will see something like this:

Other's WallThis will make it easier to communicate directly with friends and other members of Freedom’s Network.



A few days ago I added the Block feature, so today (3/30/2016), a kind of polar opposite to that has been added. It’s called Follow. It works similar to twitter or the old WT Favorite profile feature. It is very simple to use, just to the member’s profile page and click the Follow button. To Un-Follow, click Unfollow.

FN_Follow FN_UnFollow

I should also mention that if you want to see the activity from people you follow, on the sitewide activity page, click the Following Tab as show here:




Last night (3/27/2016):, due to the kind donation of one of our members, I was able to add the ability for member to block other members they do not want to see the content of or want that member seeing their own content.

If you want to block a member, click on link or their profile picture, which will take you to their profile page and will see something similar to:

Block Button

Block Member From Their Profile Page

So just click the Block button and that member will be added to your list of blocked members.

Click To See Blocked Members

Click as indicated in above image to get to your list of Blocked Members:

Blocked Members

From here you can see all members you have blocked and unblock them.

I have added 2 new features to the site today (3/16/2016):

Gallery and Invite AnyoneProfile Page Tabs

  1. Gallery: The gallery Feature is similar in ways to the media feature, but it does a few things nicer.
  2. Invite Anyone – Allows you to send emails to anyone and invite them to join Freedom’s Network

You can find both of these features as tabs on your profile page. Try them out and see what you think.



New for 03/17/2016:

Clear Notifications

Clear Notifications

Clear all Notifications:









  1. Both very cool features. I notice that if you try and invite someone that is already a member, it lets you know.

  2. Thanks for the Block Button Grimnir! 🙂

    1. Thanks Bo, but the real thanks, IMHO, go to the member who donated the price of the module 🙂 All I had to was download, install and configure it.

      1. I’m sure hope that member will get will get his monies worth…lol I never could see the use of a block button on a social media site, other then if someone is threatening you or name calling without conversing with you. Blocking someone because they have opposing or differing views is useless, again IMO.

        1. social media does not mean one must carry a conversation or read things they are not interested in. …and this is not an opinion btw, it is motherfuckin hairy big std covered jizz drippin fact…see now if someone does not want to read comments like that…they can use the block feature…freedom of speech is not freedom of running your mouth till someone rips your face off cuz u won’t shut the fuck up…so whoever did it, money well spent, imo…

          1. Proving it’s better to give then receive in this case…its a win WIN!

  3. Good Job Grimnir…I wonder who will be the first to be Blocked on this site…maybe we should have a prize reward for the most blocks…

  4. I will obey and FOLLOW…Thanks…Grimnir

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