Noodling With My Pecker Was A Bad Idea

The plane was going down fast, I didn’t have a parachute and the flight crew had left the plane. The next thing I remember is hearing a faint voice off in the distance, Hiddy Ho Everybod…

I knew the place I was has been nuked by a crack team of internet hackers and surviving the moment looked bleak. The voice returned, getting louder by the second, the voice of insanity was familiar, I know that voice.

The nukes were met with nukes that had friends that may have been nukes too, and the children cried, please don’t burn it down. Alas it burned for a week and the people were sad. Fortunately the preppers had been alerted about the first strike and flawlessly executed a pre-strike.

And here we stand again, waiting for good ideas.

Updated: March 26, 2016 — 3:52 am


  1. Yes, and here we stand again, lol!

  2. HEY….. I have an Idea……. No…… Wait…… Never Mind…….. It was just a Brain Fart :p

  3. doh… there is only one thing to do after a plane crash… you got to eat the football team, otherwise you wont get rescued.

  4. As usual, the deep life changing point I was attempting to make was lost on Rational Thinking

    1. It’s always the Pecker, get you in trouble every time.

      1. I was raised very poor and we could not buy toys and had to play with whatever we could find – and well I still cannot resist playing with it .

  5. ok, I just bumped up the font size a bit for blog post comments … as I was listening to Gary Moore singing Eyesight to the blind šŸ˜‰

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