Misrepresenting shit will get ya through a shitstorm

It seems like it was only yesterday we were bitching about people doing shit because it bugged us, in fact it seems like today. I am at a cross roads not being able to decide who is bad for me, the guy who posts a pair of tits or the guy that is so rattled by it that swift action must be taken and rules must be enforced.

The illusion of freedom is just that an illusion because my freedom is controlled by other peoples freedom which seems to make everybody a victim of everybody’s freedom. That is the foundation of my lack of interest listening to people beg, bitch and complain about something that doesn’t really exist.

The minute I indulge force to get my way, your freedom is fucked. That is all there is, apply for permission or just fit in. Life is back to normal again.

Updated: April 4, 2016 — 11:59 am


  1. The rules here on Freedom’s Network are very simple:

    I am personally a huge fan of nudity, however, I respect the fact that allowing people to post it on this network is not allowed. If I want to see nudity, there is no shortage of places I can go on the internet to see that.

    We are not trying to stifle anyone’s freedom here, obviously, but we do want to keep this place friendly for folks to be able to log onto from their places of work or around their families.

    1. its an odd world huh… gore runs 24/7 and we call it news… ๐Ÿ™‚ Predatory lying and scamming everywhere, and we call it advertisement… Violence a constant in all of our lives, and we call it state… looting, theft and robbery, an everyday offense, and we call economics… torture and murder of hundreds and hundreds of people, and we call it politics… Forced and planned starvation of humans, and we call it Resource Distribution… The sight of breasts, and we are outraged…

      truly an odd world, upside down, inside out…

      … as a comment to the world, not to this site or community ๐Ÿ™‚

      Personally I have no need to post nude pictures here, I have created my share of them, and in my gallery are a few… I just wish one day the true perversity of State, of murdering and torturing, starving and terrorizing, which is fรฅrking up our planet, would shine clear… and the idea of bombing a fellow man would spark outrage, and a pair of tits spark a smile ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. I agree with you completely on your comments, and killing people does spark outrage in me and tits always make me smile ๐Ÿ˜› … but just imagine logging into your favorite social networking site (FN, of course) at work, to see what going on and a pair of those ‘wildly offensive’ :smiley-sex009: pops-up on your monitor just as your boss walks by and he fires you over it … meanwhile the person in the next cubicle is looking at some photo’s of the latest bombing gets a huge :LIKE: … yes, society’s values are fucked up.

      2. Before all those wonderful things take place/happen, we too need to create the proper environment and take a hard look at our own self.

        TITS??? Most surely the indoctrination agendas slowly implemented to the masses has been quite successful! Little wonder as to why the idea of nursing an infant in a restroom is looked upon many as the proper place! And the teaching of sex to school children then following it with a demonstrated learned skill in order to pass a class is viewed by the school curriculum as “good”! The “road” has indeed been made so wide that “we” are having trouble seeing the shore… that to me is sad. Sad indeed!

        Nooooooooooooo I’m not that good, not by a long shot! I simply desire a peace loving world for us ALL, to enjoy the life that has been granted to us… but, for it… I must work my hardest to be deserving of it. Perhaps I may not get there, however, I MOST SURELY HOPE THAT OTHERS WILL! ๐Ÿ™‚

        Just sharing my thoughts, no harm intended.

  2. Freedom is not an illusion. Freedom is not meant or is the means to impose “my” ways over “yours”. If anyone, per say, enjoys rolling in a mud-hole… go at it! That is what FREE-WILL is all about; being responsible and accountable to the choices the self makes.

    However, when “your” free-will choice creates harm to others… then is time to place a halt and be respectful to those who do not wish to partake… they too, have the right to freedom. Simply put, “let your yes mean yes and your no, mean no” and respect it! It’s not hard to understand.

    I find it puzzling the amount of complaining is presented by one side more than the other. For example: I’m gay and you must bla, bla, bla, and I get to impose my choice onto everyone else, or I want to watch porno and I get to impose my choice and… how are “we” to respond to human sacrifices, (not done in the open yet) oh well… that’s freedom?! Were does it stop? When does respect, accountability, and responsibility starts? JUST WHAT IS OUR/YOUR/MY UNDERSTANDING OF FREEDOM OR BEING FREE?

    Just sharing my thoughts, no harm intended.

  3. “and you must bla, bla, bla,” Estrella can you please explain the bla, bla, bla to me… I just don’t understand it. ๐Ÿ™‚ I simply do not understand how someone else’s sexuality can take away something from you.

    I can understand how State uses things like sexuality, religion, race, culture to create citizen groups and pin them against each other, hereby creating the very soil in which State grows. The very essence of being more concerned with what those there, them there people is doing, then with what I am doing.

    Concerning human sacrifices, then yes, we are seeing that being done in the open, and in massive numbers, displayed on TV 24 hours a day… it is called war. Serial Mass Human Sacrifice. Destroying and killing human life, on TV, with reporters.
    And how are we responding? As a whole, pretty dang almost non-responding, with apathy, with brrr…. reason.

    “Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose”.

    Much love to you Estrella. I see all the Love behind your words and your being.

  4. If someone wishes to be gay is their choice, done deal. When others get affected by their life style then is something to think about because now it goes beyond the “self choice”… as children at a very early age, know and understand that no two moms or dads can have a baby. When someone wants to be transgender is their choice, when the law says they must be allowed to use “women” or the “men”… then is going beyond the choice of the self. For why does someone else must give up their space to accommodate “your” own choice?

    While I do agree that what we see on TV is mass murders, it is beyond even that… when you consider the skinning a living individual whether is a baby or otherwise with a bone. Yes, in my lifetime have met someone who was allegedly trained to be a priestess of that sort. Evil knows no boundaries and has a delight on the disgusting things. Doubt it? Take a slower closer look at what is happening around… we are surrounded/soaked/entrenched by it.

  5. Which title a transgender wishes to use kind of looks unimportant in the light of the notion of being allowed to use man or woman… alone the idea of there being such an allowance is so fucked up to me, that the “horror” of meeting a transgender by the sink in a restroom is beyond non-existing…

    The control of habitat is at the core of State Tyranny. Children are born into the parents they are, that is faith of life. To give power over a human being to any body outside that human being is to enslave. To rob a fellow human of the most basic of freedom. To have State dictate right and wrong living, proper conduct, accepted values is fascism and violence. The utter nonsense of being allowed to parent, is violent and abusive to me.

    As for the children. The enslavement of kids in this society is horrible. They are constantly being held hostages in battles they hold no part of, such as homosexuality. We are grooming, dooming, schooling, controlling, shaping and molding the kids like insane control freaks. Taking away the gift of creativity and imagination they hold. What ever “damage” a kid gets by having gay parents, is nothing compared to the damage the kid gets in school, in the books and on the TV, by the “well-meaning” adults of State.

  6. Let’s cut through the excuses for nasty behavior shall we?

    What it appears to me that you are saying is… less evil is good evil and therefore why even think or consider it.
    As for the children… well… there are worse things happening to them anyway and therefore it makes it OK. That is exactly what the establishment had thought us and worked hard at it… if one was to go back just a few years, one would see that being fed in incremental small steps… did worked wonders! Shall we now pad them on the back for the great job done and forget the whole that is happening?

    As for the bathroom thing, well, I for one did not enjoy or cared very much for the shared and no they got no right to impose their freedom on me.

    And by the way, it would be nice if we could all stop calling children kids; a kid = goat! Little wonder that an when individual is call out/identified as something else… sooner or later starts behaving as such! Look at the position or place the children are at compare to even a few years ago! Does it make any difference to anyone of us? While I still slip-up from time to time, I keep on working at it – no “kids”- children! At times it reminds me of a woman who is so often called a female dog or “B&*t”… now even the word Lady, or young Lady and the treatment of such… or a man who is now more often than ever is called “a son of B*%^” oppose to a gentleman; yes, a gentle man used to be the norm.
    Why then are we complaining of a nasty, cruel, and horrible world if we are WILLING TO SETTLE FOR SO LITTLE? LITTLE WONDER THAT THOSE “CONTROLLING POWERS” had the audacity to call us CATTLE! Yet… I’m yet to see cattle treating each other the way we do it to ourselves ๐Ÿ™

    No, I may not be able to do much to change the world… but, I be damn if I’m willing to settle for just anything… there is no such thing as lesser Evil when damages are lifelong lasting. That old saying that stick and stones may break my bones but words won’t; is a pile of horse manure. For the beauty that comes from within is stolen without leaving a visible scar and along with it the portion of our life!

  7. I’m exercising my right. to bare arms by wearing a sleeveless top today. oops…wrong arms ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. But seriously…a well known celebrity owns a restaurant and one of his company policies is “No guns allowed”, and this has caused a shit storm of reactions from the right to carry peeps. He is being accused of being unamerican and many other rediculous things because he dare infringe on their rights. We all know how dangerous it is to go in to a restaurant unarmed.

    1. I believe the idea of freedom is a trap to keep your mind contained in a little box of what you are allowed to do and what you are forbidden to do. Divide and conquer is right on schedule Obama/Trump 2016 cus you will believe whatever they tell you

  9. But really! The only way to survive a shit storm is to know your shit, and when and when not to give a shit. The more you understand the fecal facts, the easier it is to come out unstained through any shituation. But one needs to remember the karma of shit. When someone elseโ€™s shit interferes with your freedom, itโ€™s okay to put it in a bag, catch it on fire and leave it on his porch. On the other hand if your shit interferes with his freedom, be prepared for the shit to hit the fan.

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