Damn it Cirk I forgot the Hvedemel

I don’t get licensed to drive or own a car, it gives me a chance to stretch my legs, exercise my lungs and take in my fellow travelers on my journey. There is a store by the train station I stop at for tobacco. What got my attention were the two kids I passed three times in two days. On the way home the other day, the two lads were walking toward the train as I was heading away from it. The lad closest to me asked in Danish if I could give him a smoke! How could two guys share one smoke? I gave them each one and in my American sounding voice said, see ya later.

I have lived here for a year and a half and these two kids are the only strangers I have run into two days in a row. The second day I was headed from the train on my way home and I see these two kids walking towards me as we met I said to them in a sarcastic tone, you want a smoke right and again offered them each a smoke.

Earlier the second day I went to get Circles some baking stuff and in my state of mind forgot the Hvedemel and everyone knows you can not bake cinnamon bread without Hvedemel. So, for the third time in two days back to the store I went to repair my error. These two kids are again walking toward me from the station, as they approached me one the kids grabs his crafty pack of ciggies to offer me one. I never did value a smoke unless I didn’t have any, I had some and told these two kids that repaying me would be appreciated but not necessary, but one day we might pass and I would need one and if they remembered me or somebody else when they had plenty of smokes all would be good.

In one and a half years I have become a functioning member of local society, both strangers and acquaintances acknowledge me as a living being on a mundane journey through an average day the only difference between us is my inability to speak their language. Like where I am from some people like to speak in English and some people don’t. I find it similar to liking blue over red, a matter of personal taste. They haven’t started a support group to protect themselves from the American invasion I must represent to the indoctrinated, I don’t fly old glory, blast Rush Limpballs on the unsuspecting passers by and never and I mean never drink the golden lady (again).

Updated: May 8, 2016 — 2:59 am


  1. Thanks for looking Bee…It gives me a chance to see how we are so much alike without the illusion of speech guiding our behavior.

  2. 3 Questions….. What the Heck is Hvedemel? Could you spare Me a Smoke? And….. Who is this Golden Lady? Oops…. 1 more….. Does Cirkels know about this Golden Lady? Double Oops….. Another One…… If she Does Know….. Is that why “Never Again” with the Golden Lady? CRAP…… and Another…… Is the Golden Lady’s Name Hvedemel?

    So Many Questions……. and now I’m obsessed with some Golden Lady…..

  3. think ill have a beer on that one

  4. Miss Mary,Hvedemel is flour…I would give you 2…The strongest beer I ever abused…Cirk tried to warn me about the golden lady but I was American that day…The golden lady is gold tuborg

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