Define, define Mr. Trump and other good words

The double talk started when a group of gold hoarding, slave driving rich fukers got together and thought up the scam that charges living beings a fee to exist and live a comfortable life. Some people are so indoctrinated into this illusion they over look the family they come from that supports them. Competition and success was planted in me as it was everyone else and all was well until 1980.

The results of political change is told in one way and exists in another way. Fighting to keep a job, fighting to stay married, fighting to survive, this was the start of adulthood and it looked like a trap to me. They pounded these lies into me until I  started to look for a different way to live!

I was ridiculed for my fear of compliance, joining is not for me. Instead of being appreciated for my personal stand against the machine the majority of the public attack my beliefs and actions and point out the weakness of depending on another human. Standing alone and being free is lonely work that seems unrewarded when it happens. Freedom for me is not being obligated to perform a task to afford the luxury of living indoors, eating food and washing my stuff.

The game society plays to survive is as attractive as you allow it to be. Not many people  believe in themselves enough to disregard the deception society has turned into and comply believing it is good for them. Dont lie to others for personal benefit, dont kill anybody and grow hemp like you mean it. These three actions will cure the society we are victims of and make a real change. Good luck in the game and just keep laughing.

Updated: May 9, 2016 — 3:21 am

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  1. I just stumbled across this in my YouTube Meandering….. I thought it rather fitting 😉

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