Lets play a game and call it Anarchy

What would become of me if I stopped believing in all things man made and decided to live in my own reality, under my own terms and conditions? I would erase all manors of control over me starting with time, refuse to recognize Monday as the oppressor of freedom, stand naked in my garden at 2 pm and stare at the sky for no damn reason or get milk for coffee.

I decided long ago the collective has made society so unattractive I choose not to participate in it. I refuse to pay taxes on fiat currency to murderers pretending to protect others while they steal everything that isn’t bolted down and kill those who stand against their invasions.

I don’t contract with government,  I found honesty will keep lawyers, clergy and politicians as far from me as they can get. After all, the nature of society is to control us and keep us safe from ourselves and others.

You can have this complicated, exaggerated, excuse for survival of the fittest. In my mid 20’s I saw the dynamics of society as they were explained to me as lies designed to confuse, deceive and misdirect us into submission. Choosing sides that have a leader is serving your master, call it what you like but these assholes don’t give a fuck about us. That is the only bridge that I needed to cross, on the other side I can just be me.

How does society serve you?

Where I am has never made any difference, there is always tragedy being spewed about far away lands, with horrid leaders and the people that need to be saved (what about the rest of us). I found it hard to give a shit about somebody in a distant land that dared to say no to my homeland because progress is one sided. Congress will just destroy the opposition and blame the POTUS. The Corporations have so much control over government they offer assholes like Clinton and Trump as leaders.

How do I collapse an illusion?

Stop believing its real and it goes away.

Updated: May 12, 2016 — 7:36 am


  1. would space have to go too? Who made that up?

  2. i wish you would stop calling yourself and artist…

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