The day Freedom Fly was crushed by popular oppinion

Once upon a time, long long ago, in a far away land there was a landfill, a landfill unlike any other on the planet.  And on this landfill lived a unique Fly, he was known as Freedom Fly, FF was no ordinary fly. Freedom Fly had a dream, FF was determined to make his 72 hours in the landfill remarkable and amazing. The best life a fly could ever have.

The flies were gathering to feast at the annual Democratic National Convention, FF had different ideas. FF wanted to crash the ACDC concert featuring Axl Hose in a wheel chair pretending to be Bonn Scott but the other flies refused to join him.

The majority were in the mood for rich white guy but FF was in the mood for nasty old white guys starving for attention surrounded by old women. Our hero had a dream, he wanted to sit on Axl’s nose while Angus Young attacked FF with a Gibson. Going out as the fly that made Angus attack Axl with a guitar breaking his nose, blackening an eye and pissing Axl off was FF’s dream.

On the other hand, the death count at the DNC was 100% flies cant survive the cold climate of the DNC and died. The morale of this epic tale is being in the majority is boring.

Updated: May 13, 2016 — 2:35 am