You can’t pick your friends nose

I was ten years old in 1970, in that era Viet Nam was the enemy and there were lots of people that looked like them to me. An appearance didnt make much of an impression on me as it did my family. The government where I grew up picked my enemies for me and made up stories about why it was my duty to recognize these slanty eyed people as the bad guys. The people who were once my sworn enemy now live where I’m from and we get along fine.

From WW II my parents were taught to hate, in one case the native born relatives of the enemy were locked up. Products were banned or favored to support your side and the bankers wept. Mass media was steering the direction of war lying to the public about the details and the politicians said it was keeping us safe.

Traveling to other peoples lands has always been uneventful I have never been detained by border authority or molested by foreign police for anything. I do avoid going where the homeland shits, lots of governments are unhappy with the results they got compared to the promises that were made.

Now its Muslims for war and jews for guilt. The stories about why change with the times but the extremists and the bankers keep us living as we do. Choosing not to play brings social judgements based on statutes and code, enforced by armed thugs that seem to have good aim or lots of ammo.

The story doesnt seem to matter as long as there are enemies that need to be killed, people who need to move up out of slavery and into debt slavery instead. The games we play as adults look foolish to a child even a kid can tell when somebody wants something for nothing or when things are tilted to one side. The system is here to beat you into submission for the greater good as the bankers wipe their asses with their own fiat currency.

When is enough, enough?

People treat machines with more care then they do people.

Updated: May 23, 2016 — 1:23 pm


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    2. Whom are the allies and the enemies of the US?
      Let us consider that a high intensity global war were to erupt tomorrow. Who would be the allies of the US, the enemies, the states that would be pushed in one direction or the other, and swing states. My guesses below, correct me if I am wrong. This is of course, assuming that such a war is far reaching leaving ni neutral governments.

      Definitive allies: Canada, UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Ukraine, Israel, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, New Zealand, and Australia.

      Likely allies: Mexico, Panama, most of central America and the carribean states, most of South America, Brazil, all or most of western and north eastern Europe, Iceland, Scandinavia, most of the southern African states, South Africa, Ethiopi, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, UAE, East Timor, and most or all of the Oceanic island or archipelago states.

      Swing states: Cuba, Venezuela, the Balkan region, some North and Central African states, Gambia, Oman, the Caucus states, India and SE Asia.

      Definitive enemies: Somalia, Syria, Iraq, ISIL, Yemen, Nigeria, Algeria, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Russia, North Korea, and China. Assuming all middle eastern states remain in a position of near anarchy/collapse or under significant influence of extremist movements.

      Likely enemies: Libya, Egypt, Lebanon, and Indonesia.

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