Dad, why does that lady have a weiner?

Years ago when I was young I went to the store with a quarter got an RC Cola, a snickers bar and came back with change and could get 2 cents for returning the bottle. We all know what happened since then but most of us believe it has been the results of bad planning and acts of god and nature.  The rest of us understand it has all been planned to be what it is. As the media tells you one story the people they report about do something different or what you see with your own eyes is misrepresented by experts, scientists, lawyers and snake oil salesman.

These lying, scheming, inbred fukers keep winning.  They have every reasonable approach to change covered, the banking is illegal, politics is illegal and the media are all owned by the same fukers that own the banks and the politicians.

When I see people supporting their favorite candidate in the lesser of two evils competition I can only wonder what kind of irreparable brain damage the supporter sustained being dropped on their head.

Leaders, laws and litigators have screwed us all while the majority of us line up when we are told to,  choose the next puppet to paralyze us with an endless stream of statutes and codes and ask the court clerk if they can put the fine on their credit card.

We ended up in a shame based culture where natural is bad and laboratory experiments and sex changes are acceptable. People believe in magic and education but dont believe what they can feel with their own resources.

Wake up my ass, listening to these pricks with their stories of what could be has worn old. Threats and promises are not the results of a free society.

Updated: June 7, 2016 — 12:04 pm


  1. But….. Wishing Upon a Star is SO MUCH Easier than Taking Personal Responsibility…… and in Wish Upon a Star Land, you can Identify as Whatever You Please and EVERYONE Will Applaud You 🙂

    1. Mary, it is so much easier to blame others for personal failure then it is to admit you dont want to do something or dont care about something…Just say NO to thugs…As far as identifying to use a toilet, are there a lot of confused about their gender folk in your town?
      The cross dressers, fags and pedos here in town do not advertise what they are or beg for special dispensation, they keep it to themselves…privacy exists outside of the big city

      1. Out Here….. If you’re not sure which Bathroom to Use….. you just step outside and go behind a Tree 😉 That’s how Us Booney Folks do it 😛

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