How do you define “common sense”? It seems for something so common it is damn near impossible to define. The first problem I collided with is, my common is your exotic and your exotic is a slow Tuesday morning in my normal day. Society claims they set standards that have the good of all at the heart of each decision that you surrender to the care of  their greedy little hands. Every social mistake made is connected to a punishment, a fine, jail, public humiliation and more. Not wearing a seat belt is subjective, so they fixed that with a statute, you contracted through your years of conditioning and there you are in an Admiralty Court paying for your freedom because you don’t like to be strapped into a 1,000 pound bomb, rolling at 40 mph. Is compliance a part of common sense?

As I walk to the grocery looking at the cars and the bikes pass me by, I think, wow I don’t have the burden of a machine, if I wait this guy in his car or bike wont miss his red light. When I drove, everybody was in my way or driving too slow.

When two objects attempt  to occupy the same space, at the same exact moment in time, a strange thing happens, things go badly. We have devolved into a mass of uninformed idiots, complaining about things that we don’t understand, things that don’t matter unless you are opposed and the color blue. When I say I know this or that and try to engage conversation, your response should be stimulating and a verbal masterpiece that represents your brilliance as an orator. What I usually get is the truth from a person that thinks Trump will be an improvement or that if the price of a commodity would dance to the right tune and other useless shit that does nothing for anyone.

Sitting still in this world may be real to me and unreal to others because everything is in motion, all the time, creating friction.


Updated: June 10, 2016 — 2:17 pm

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