Tuna Surprise Again!!

Since I started traveling in 1972 things have changed in more ways than I can explain, some changes engaged me and some didn’t. What I notice now is my total lack of interest in motion beyond a mile or two of where I am now. From hitch hiking across the states to sustainable development and I’m not sure how it all happened. As I have aged, novel ideas come to me like a slap in the head. Weather was once a challenge I out smarted with my crafty survival skills. Now I seek shelter ahead of the weather. I had all the fuking time in the world and time was just a word people who made promises used.

I am deep into my fifty fifth year living on this planet, no different then the next shmo I pass on the street. Its not me that is concerned with differences, I just take what is there, find a definition or opinion that I like so I can live in the true reality we all share. Inside my head there is another world where I am happy and content at the same moment, in the comfort of all my knowledge and experience. A place that has no need for the things that are maintained by expectation or greed.

I didn’t wake up one day like I am today, it took years of listening to horrid stories about the lies and deception I was taught by the people who believe they own me because, I had the misfortune of being born on their dirt. That deception led me to having rights, ok we have rights, so what?

On and on life goes, letting it drag you down emotionally with rape, murder, wars and all like that will not go anywhere. Things don’t change without direct action from living beings, its just so much easier to stay with the group that supports you. Stand alone for just 5 minutes a day and see what happens. Following a crowd is not always good for anybody, in the end they are stories you have been told by a group of people you recognize as dishonest, greedy fukwads, but acting against it will hurt you so you just play along.

This is the result that comes with compliance to liars…

Updated: June 14, 2016 — 3:25 am