Circles & Lines

Friction is the result of two or more objects in motion attempting to occupy the same space at the same time, this explains why life as we know it is an epic failure. This idea will not sit well with popular beliefs in the modern lifestyle, most people see themselves as individuals, independent of others and they strive to be unique in their thinking and physical expression. They believe they have rights granted to them by an invisible man who resides high above them, a man who can neither be seen or spoken to but a man all the same. This is one of the cornerstones of how we are kept at each others throats, a man made hatred based on a man made idea disguised as assistance, they call this religion. The best reason for man to kill man is god.

Politics is in my top four reasons to explain why society does not and will not succeed. Why men need to have their rights written on a bit of paper, agreed on by a group of wealthy slave owners and misrepresented for over two hundred years baffles the fuck out of me. As it turns out it was just another way to control us through the illusion of freedom.


We have settled for living in the slimy depths of moral depravity and human degradation and we are taught by the education system that this not only socially acceptable but the best way to live on this planet. We are taught to hate people from countries that have resources we value. How many wars have been fought to free people from horrid dictators that were placed in power by the people who have decided to remove them with military force if necessary? In the end the people are never free.


We are not taught to believe that human beings are all the same at every level of life or that all human beings deserve the same benefits to live a comfortable, satisfying existence. What we have been taught is some people are more worthy than others because god said so, the best part is, every god says this to their followers. We believe in anger and competition, we are tricked into believing we must fight for what we have, we own things we do not really possess and to think as your peers do, so you have the correct answer. Group think isn’t new and it works better than a beating.


As capitalists we are not shy about this ownership crap either. To satisfy greed some people have to go without the very things others have an abundance of, this systematic sickness is known by many names I choose to call it greed. If you own anything that people can hold for ransom (taxes) and take it away at a moments notice for reasons that make no sense, what is it you own?


Laziness and technology have made us superior to each other based on the bit of dirt you are born on, what bank owns you and the ability to talk to Gramma while you take a shit. If you believe the social messages spewed out daily on the MSM, the internet or my favorite word of mouth are sent to us by any other source then the source that enslaves us. Then you see something valuable and should openly share this knowledge with the rest of us.


Is our human nature as social beings to do as we are told, comply with the most popular idea or to be punished when we fail to perform the rules that have been set down for us? I think wearing a seat belt is both lame and dangerous, some group of politicians got paid by a corporation to tell you they keep you safe and boom we all have to endure this torture to travel in a fucking car. The politicians prey on your fear, your weakness but most of all your greed. We are taught we are the power, while we have no power at all. Unless you really believe diet pepsi is a choice you made.


Law and the control they enforce on our societies is beyond out of control, society was designed to fail. We want to live in illusion, to pretend we are not responsible for our own lives. We are forced by law to follow insane, selfish, inbred parasites to the end of the world to do the sickest things the mind can make possible. The population of a free society is deceived into believing the players were chosen and the decisions they make are for the common good. While they teach us there aren’t enough resources to feed and clothe everyone, some people never wear the same clothes twice, never wash their own ass or care that you haven’t got enough. These people live off the sweat and blood of other people, the few are made wealthy and powerful and the little people gaze in awe of their splendor, how sick is that?

Society isn’t going to fail, it has always failed. Instead of a country going to war to get more gold, more women and more gold, today the king sends troops to defend and free people from a terrible dictatorship. Since the first con man could lie this tale has been told. We are today and will forever be divided by our differences and too stubborn to find the middle ground and take control of life so it will be good for everyone.


All the knowledge available only strengthens the differences that have been designed to separate us. We have already made the choice to do nothing, as long as we depend on the liars we believe we elected to represent us, they actually make life as miserable as they can for us, the world we see will only get worse. This is where most of us think there is a choice, we can vote our way out of the nightmare we created. The idea that your voice counts is the most brilliant lie ever told, at least in the top ten best lies ever told.


The end of life as we know it is the latest tool of the fear monger side of this mess called society. It doesn’t matter what you fear, it only matters that you are subject to a state of fear. Whether it is welfare frauds stealing your pocket change or terrorists beheading your Gramma, fear works very well. Defending yourself although not recognized as fear is, well, fear. Talking about defense is just fear disguised as bravado. In real life there is nothing to fear but fear. This simple concept has been perverted beyond recognition.

The idea that somebody has power over me is amusing because if my power is not taken by force there is no power to wield over me. I chose to give up my personal freedom. We dusted off my Strawman and got married. Belonging with somebody else in your personal life is in no way freedom. It seems living with a bathroom inside the house pleases the female in this particular relationship. I compromised.


What kind of coward holds a loaded handgun, points it in your face from twenty yards away and demands you do as you are told? An LAPD thug, thats who. I was not raised to fear the police when I was a kid. The cops made it that way. In a gun dependent society having police seems like a punishment. Cops are just crooks with guns and permission.

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  1. WOW….. That’s an Awful Lot of Circles & Lines 🙂 What I got out of all that is…. I don’t OWN Anything….. not even this Meat Suit I’m tootling around in…… I’m just Renting….. and when I can no longer Pay the Rent on this Meat Suit, I’ll get Booted Out & it will go Back to where it came from. When I realized that…. Life became a Whole Lot Less Stressed….. and Easier to Enjoy the Little Things….. Like Furbabies & Butterflies and Yes, Even the Blisters from working in the Garden 😉

    1. Do vegans wear meat suits? Where does charity begin? We think congress killed it! Blisters could make you go blind right?

      1. Yes, Vegans Do…. and it’s Traumatized Them for LIFE :R:

        1. All that soy makes your boobs grow and gives you the super power to read minds

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