There aint enough room in my reality for your reality

I have taken a stand on reality,  you have yours and I have mine. Does this sound strange because you are in a group that shares a common belief? Claiming to believe in nothing is a common response that seems to give nothing a name and a value. As people owned and operated through a complicated system of hoops, ancient rituals and being better than that fuker over there, we have been put into a vegetative mind state of follow the leader. To some this brings the freedom of a welfare check and food stamps, to others the freedom to do as they are told, to pay your way and step on anyone who interferes with your sucksess.

There is no live and let live left in most of us. There is however, a me first then you mentality supported by every fukin special group out there! The choice to work together as a team for the good of all is derailed by a false sense of self, greed and our belief that standing alone is impossible. Standing alone does not mean I wont help my neighbor.

Being distracted by property tax and pedophiles are just examples of two divisive negatives that really involve a select few out of the 7 billion of us here. People have opinions about things that they don’t have a direct contact with except through media exposure.

What we aren’t taught is the reason for flooding us with negative ideas and input is to reap a negative response. As long as we make major decisions based on emotion rather the relevant facts, there is no way to escape the trap we have surrounded ourselves with.

Staying in a positive state of mind isn’t possible while I sit listening about Hilldawg, Trump, gmo’s, gay pride and feminism. Cute cats have an appeal that lasts until a pic of a naked girl juggling chainsaws in front of a mosque appears on my screen. The divide and conquer has been beaten into the majority, to choose a side, to make an enemy, to stay divided because they suck.

Reasoning like that is the foundation of our collective failure as the powerful hide behind lies like, diversity or morality. Both ideas have been hijacked, rewritten from their original intent and perverted to create more problems.

My hat is off to the powers that operate our shared illusion

Updated: June 19, 2016 — 6:56 am

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  1. “Standing alone does not mean I wont help my neighbor.”


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