Does that shot gun come with shells?

All my life I was told that I was birthed in the happiest, freest, safest and most secure corporation on the planet! Alas, me thinks I was deceived. I wont even identify this paradise, this place where all are equal and all are treated as equal by their equals.

There are people who own the free people through a maze of deceit and full blown bullshit that Satan cant take credit for, because it is just too fucked up . The corporation that tells you how free you are as they stop you for a suspicious aroma and look up your ass for a nuclear reactor.

The nerve of those fukin Iraqis, Afghani’s and Syrians looking for a safe place to exist while they are bombed into the stone age. Along come the terrorists, after their people were freed from a brutal tyrannical government. I have never met a terrorist but I did meet a banker once and I must say they are both cut from the same cloth as far as I can see. The difference between the two is the banker will smile while he destroys your life, the terrorist has issues with a specific corporation and its allies and he will kill you back.

Will I stand shoulder to shoulder on the side of the right god ? I dont know, the details of this war are more vague and misdirected than any other war in recorded history, except maybe the war on drugs. To think, I have to be inconvenienced by some war I have nothing to do with. Hell, I didnt vote for it and I sure as hell aint fighting in it. Every time I go outside I live with the threat of people moving to my corporation, because somebody blew theirs up!

Its a damn good thing leaders and politicians dont get people involved on a personal level in their financial transactions or we would all be liars and thieves like them, instead of just ordinary terrorists. I dont mind the label anymore than I mind the drivers license, the birth certificate or a broken system that lies with every word it speaks.

So if I ever meet a terrorist face to face I will surely be pissed at him for making my life so unbearable.

Updated: June 21, 2016 — 12:20 pm


  1. “Applauding”. ^5

  2. The only terrorist I ever met was on the highway driving a black and white car with blue and red lights on top

    1. Be careful robwerks, you may be opening someone elses sheepish eye to the reality of where and how terrorism exists on a scale big enough to deserve an act of violence

      1. Terrorism: The use of violence or the threat of violence to impose a political ideal on others.

        That defines every cop I ever met.

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