But your honor, I was really drunk when I filed my tax return

Listening to the stories about a sustainable life is a disappointment. I don’t remember when I was taught to be selfish and greedy. Hoarding as much as I could get my hands on came to me, I didn’t even know what it meant. If I was to sit down with you and eat a slice of bread Cirk baked but asked you to clean the bathroom if you wanted a slice, how would you react? Slave labor seems to create a hostile environment, people are really fighting for their fare share of the crumbs off the big table. Something for something is commerce.

The results of working for others is turned into rights and laws for a reason, with a dark purpose and the masses line up for their humiliation out of ignorance because they do not  know there are two truths. The one they tell you and the real truth.

As the bankers and politicians steal every fucking thing they see, they preach live within your means as they take more than enough of your means. We write and inform, we bitch and complain, the beast is so real to people they make horrible life decisions based on the lies of the very government they support. We are forced by law to comply or face the consequences. Where did the freedom to chose thing go?

Has anybody noticed the law has gone a step or two, too far? The law says this and the law says that isn’t good enough for me. I read what I believe I know and sometimes reading isn’t enough, I require proof.

I believe drain cleaner will not give me a good result should I drink it, I would never think of drinking any but there is a warning label. Just in case I do drink it, the police will be on top of things to catch the person that poisoned me. Common sense tells me one thing. The over zealous crime buff has a different opinion. Things are not what they appear to be, more often than not in my experience.

I’m almost positive that when I hit the other kid with a vacuum cleaner his retelling of the tale is different than mine. Lets bring in a third party that is impartial to delegate the proper social protocols. There was violence someone has to be punished. Thats how it starts, controlling things that really have zero value until you cry to some áuthoritah about it.

This entire mess is based on a planned over population, controlled shortages and a slave labor force that believes they are a free people who live peacefully within the borders protected by, blah blah blah. The public sucks up any bullshit the guy in a suit thinks up.

The truth may be out there but there arent many people living it.


Updated: June 23, 2016 — 1:28 pm