Voting voters and the vote that gets you nowhere

So, you say you support one of the major thugs in your corporate manipulation I call a Corporate Republic United Democracy? The folks who are either laying out or watching this circus from across an ocean have a much different opinion than those of you who are caged by the illusion of freedom. The government will supply a problem like, poor people who require social handouts to survive. Then they will encourage the masses to take advantage of federal generosity and when the poor are getting their fair share, a computer glitch in the system keeps them hungry.

The media projects mass riots, show a few old Bill Ayers videos and tada a riot is birthed.  Fueled by local, state and federal thugs and the party begins. Most people either have time or resources to understand the blatant bending over the government puts on them, but rarely have both time and understanding.

This formula keeps the public in a constant state of fear. How can you justify fearing both the government you depend on and the terrorists they create? Pick a side and join in the mass fear mongering. Are you afraid the government will take your guns?  While you are distracted by gun laws and mass shootings the government has relieved you of the other rights you arent protecting.

Remember freedom of speech, due process and facing your accuser? While you were protecting your right to be on a list of registered gun owners the government was finding ways to pick at the scab left by the other nine rights you surrendered. I have no interest in commerce, so why was I searched and inspected at the airport by thugs in uniform? It has nothing to do with what we are told and everything to do with what we are not told. Secret meetings, with horrid results for the safety of the masses is much like herding sheep.

Over the years the government has in secret passed terrible legislation that benefits a few at the expense of the many. If they had done what they promised and asked the population to speak their piece, what we have would be different than it is.

While you make plans to build walls and imprison Hilldawg, the government is selling real terrorists billions of dollars in weapons and aid. When the shit hits the fan being safe will not be an option. Vote, vote, vote just remember they never do what they promise and you the citizen ends up in the shackles disguised as freedom.

Updated: June 26, 2016 — 2:44 pm