When cheese smells better than your feet, take a bath

Yesterday I got the chance to inform a friend about the Strawman, we both realize that from corporation to corporation rules change but we both know the system is a fraud. All the knowledge in the world will do you no good if you comply 100% to the beast that owns you, but the alternative is a bitch.

When I think of how few people I actually come in contact with in one day the illusion fades a bit. Realizing for a moment here and there that the real world is the one I’m standing in.

How did the government convince people time after time to kill the enemy and end up hosting the enemy to a piece of the American dream?

Being lied to by the people who call you free as they dictate your life to you and in some cases with your consent, knocks me on my ass. I cant help but say, are you out of your fucking minds people?

Pretend violence softens the ability to distinguish from real violence. That opens the door for choosing a side, making problems, forces solutions. If we were left alone by government intrusion there would be less trouble not more trouble. Believe what MSM and Fooltube preach, we get equal amounts of truth and lies to support every topic in both negative and positive from MSM and then there’s us.

With all this knowledge and technology at our collective finger tips we are still burning oil, still exploring space and still protecting foreign populations from totalitarian dictators. We are divided enough and if we don’t find common ground soon the governments will control all of us. I hope you aren’t fooled by brexit its political theater at its best


Updated: June 29, 2016 — 3:13 pm