Month: July 2016

Balls of steel or the brains of the dreaded antisocial anarchist

When I took the time to think about the nature of freedom I am allowed to have by an entity that had no face or even an honest voice of representation I started to rethink my position on freedom. If freedom is something you are granted or allowed, where does the freedom part enter the equation?

How am I free if my owners are allowing me certain unalienable Rights?

Am I contracting to be a slave by agreeing to this handout by the folks that hold my documentation through a lack of honesty and a blatant display of control and enforcement on their end?

The foundation of the life they were so generous to allow me is all based on BULLSHIT! Some of it sounds good, some of it feels good but if I can lose all I have labored for to a group of slave owning, narcissistic, do-gooders because I don’t have enough capital to pay the taxes extorted from me to the street I will go.

Is this freedom? Is this using the Rights I was given by the group I don’t want to belong to? The demands of freedom are exhausting, comply or fry doesn’t seem like a choice it feels like a demand. The greed that drives men to destroy others so they can be SOMEBODY is truly the sickest form of self deception we have. Being on top is the goal and we will do what it takes to get there.

I would rather not and for that I am labeled by the other slaves as a traitor to the king they serve. To the few folks I have met that know the difference I say, what a trip this is, we are herding cats using dead rats. Cats like to play with what they hunt or so I thought.

I defined my opinion on freedom. Got anything to add?

Updated: July 29, 2016 — 2:04 am

Citizens = Trained Monkeys

We are Such Funny (and I don’t mean Ha-Ha) Monkeys…. Many of Us don’t recognize Our Handlers…. or Even SEE Our Cages….. We just go about our day Filling In Circles (be sure to stay inside the lines or it won’t count and you won’t get your Treat)….. Poking Buttons or Pulling Levers…. or maybe even Punching out Holes (be careful with that pointy object… you could put someone’s eye out)…. and when we don’t get the Results we think we Should Get….. We Trash the Joint, Beat Up Our Fellow Monkeys and Sling POO Everywhere! Then, to Top it All Off….. We EXPECT Someone Else to Clean Up the Mess….. all the while Screaming “We’re No.1”

Silly Monkeys…. Most of You don’t WANT to Know Your Handlers are Watching & Laughing….. You are Comfortable in your Not So Invisible Cage…… This is how it’s Always been done…… and Heaven Forbid another Monkey starts rattling The Cage…… You May Not get your Daily Ration of Rotting Bananas…… Never mind that this Other Monkey is showing you where the Fresh Bananas Are….. You may even be able to SEE that there are Plenty for Everyone….. No More NEED to Run & Tussle & Fight for the Rotting Ones….. All You NEED to DO is BREAK OUT of Your Cage…….

But that’s Too Much to Ask….. You’re Comfortable Here….. This is how it’s Always Been…… So You Monkey Pile the “Other” Monkey…. You Destroy Them….. and then calmly go back to eating your Rotting Banana….. all the while thinking “That Monkey was a Trouble Maker, They were trying to Mess Up Our System, They Got What was Coming To Them, Had to be Done…. for the Good of Us All….. and For The Children”….

Meanwhile….. The Handlers are Watching….. Put a Check Mark on their Clipboard and turn to walk away….. Grinning from Ear to Ear!

Updated: July 26, 2016 — 6:16 am

The Day The Cell Phone Towers Died and The Satelites Werent Working

The story you are not reading is about a possible future, a future that reeks of political control and social engineering. The kind of life you would wish on a foreigner moving into your neighborhood and occasionally a few people you grew up with. This story has nothing to do with online gaming, getting closer to your family or being available 24 hours a day to blow your employer. It has everything to do with being distracted so you don’t chase Cannabis and realize that everything that is popular has a back door you will never find, I call it the trap.

The level of distraction introduced into daily life has reached the threshold of critical mass. I see a toe from that first foot taking that last step before there is no return. It seems modern technology has a goal. Could it have been designed this way so we don’t spend time doing things that have a real worth that could help sustain this mass illusion called society?

In the long run competition breeds corruption, thieves and the enforcement of the collections department. It has a built in shortage to supply the makers of this trap with grins and smiles that reach deep bank holdings in far away lands. I mean places you will never see in your life time, only a few will win. I know, people need to learn how to survive in this unfair, unrealistic social experiment we call society.

This is another band-aid on a gaping wound that is festering with the colors of the rainbow and the masses are entertained. If I was hunting an animal I would use the bait appropriate to catch what I was chasing. What would I use if I was hunting human and what bait would I chose? Which corporations stock would interest me? With all the human choices split up into so many categories and separated by so many languages, where is the best bang for my hunt?

I was oddly amused reading about BET cards not working, it seemed strange there were glitches in a government computer system designed to feed the poorest of its corporate cattle. What will we do when the phone towers get hijacked by the terrorists? Will you ever believe there are no satellites? We have been reduced to cell phone leadership, how many people say out loud my life is on my phone?

I don’t understand the tech side of this computer driven society but I can cut and paste and with a little help from Cirk, Mary and lots of help from Grimnir get on RLM at TDT. We are collecting in small groups, some of us are in other groups too, some of us are less social. The things you believe are what make your reality what it is. Choose the road you like and enjoy the journey or obey the rules and drown in self imposed sacrifice.

I sit here another sheep, herded into the E-Society, smoking and drinking my life away one squiggle at a time. I am comfortable with the belief that the results I have are the results I was seeking.

The End

Updated: July 18, 2016 — 3:02 am

POTUS Hilldawg! Are You Nuts?

At the trial that most folks swore would never happen, it was Hillary taking the stand that brought the crowd in to see the show. The judge, jury and executioners were totally surprised by the level of honesty she had when she spoke about her alleged criminal activities.

Who knew that after all the years of treating people like livestock that the queen of self centered cunts would contract a disease that only Cannabis could treat successfully. After beating everyone, every time it came down to being dependent on others. The queen had a problem and this was what happened, swear to…

A medical Doctor with a grudge had worked his way into the interweb of her survival and medicated her with Cannabis to relieve the chronic pain and nausea that came with her new illness. It seems the doctor prescribed enough medicine and Hillary was finally caught, she could no longer lie to harm others.

The End

Updated: July 12, 2016 — 12:02 pm

The Return of Captain Spalding

Has your comfort zone been trashed by the government, has it been corrupted by the media, have you been inconvenienced by those nasty towel heads seeking refuge after being bombed into the 16th century? The good folks at FLASHCO have an idea to make your life snugly and warm,  again! Stop listening to MSM, stop invading foreign corporations to absorb their resources and grow HEMP like you know what you’re doing!!

I don’t expect everyone to understand these simple directions. The complex thinking of the 21st century makes simplicity a chore. At FLASHCO we understand your position and if you lean forward just a little further, this will hardly hurt at all.

On the other hand, if it weren’t for video links the masses who cant read would have nothing to cry about, so they get their knowledge through the machine. Yeah, the machine isn’t running well, doesn’t really make sense and when all is said and done, it runs like a ten year old child looking for cookies. Progress man, is it everything you pictured it would be.

My comfort zone has not been compromised to date, but with a nudge from the empire that state of being can be ruined with the stroke of an illegally operated pen. After all, these idiots who are so hopelessly addicted to the authority making their decisions for them fuck it up for those of us who refuse to bow to it.

I will continue to seek my comfort at TDT, listening to my fellows spew their opinions of what is on the RLM and an occasional Youtube link to keep my appearance of normal in tact, but fuck FB. If you truly want comfort start controlling your environment and keep the sheep at bay.

Its not the masters that keep us in line, its our peers.

Updated: July 10, 2016 — 4:42 am

If you tell a lie you’re what gets bigger?

The reason the shit going on, is going on, is because we believe its going on. We live in such a fucked up world that when we learn infants are being injected with mercury through laws enacted by the political system and the greedy medical corporations that drool when profit can be made of human suffering, we blame everyone except John. This mess we are surviving has out grown its usefulness, the next person that complains about a gun right should think this idea through, don’t be so defensive. The government is like a little child having a fit, just add weapons and then you might think those rights were better left unspoken. A right is just words until those words are threatened. Who is threatening your rights? The media and a government that airs on MTV?

Except for the tanks, drones, guns and shit its all circles and lines on a screen, words. It doesn’t seem to take much to get people in a thick lather,  just say anything about guns and suddenly people hate each other over a subjective opinion about a tool.

If we lived in an honest world where the consequences of your actions were expected to end well for everybody, who would get the profits? The competition to be better than everybody else isn’t working out so well. When your greed over powers your common sense you get the results you see. If you are somehow happy with these results, maybe you should share because these results are self evident but displayed with the marketing prowess of a perfume company.

Society has never had a worse reputation. Staged mass murders, CIA acting like terrorists and fuking land management picking off a guy that said no. These crimes are the horrid ideas in some politicians brain to buy a boat. What will the public fall for next? Not all the violence is faked, the real stuff is blamed on cave dwellers that couldn’t find Paris with a map, sound suspicious? If not what the hell don’t I see here?

Updated: July 9, 2016 — 7:41 am

And god so loved the world, he bought it and called it EARTH

Freedom seems to center on one idea, having the guts to say NO to somebody’s request or directives. NO has many ways of sneaking into an otherwise non-confrontational situation. We free thinking folk are quick to say NO before we weigh a particular situation and balance an out come. The NOee is in a state of confusion after being exposed to the dreaded NO word and studies indicate all hell breaks loose in 63% of those questioned at the first sign of the NO word being introduced to the topic.

We all despise the NO word so much that it is an insult to hear the word NO. No you cant, No I wont and you better don’t, these words bring in high scores on the NOometer. I have a sneaky suspicion that an act of freedom is automatically interpreted in the negative by all the people who are connected to the act being played out except the actor of the alleged freedom or user of the NO word.

Our conditioning by the web of our collective society runs through each of us and either attracts or repels others, forcing a choice and creating a built in life long enemy. The black and white, the jew and muslim and my personal favorite man or woman, these have and will always divide us. The more attention you pay, the bigger the problem gets because it has your attention.

Capitalists will Capital and Socialists will Social while some of us sit back and watch the world burn, helpless to stop the rampant acts of selfishness and stupidity being acted out like a bad tv movie in what we collectively see as reality.

As we protect our corporate entities by waving flags and repeating stories children question the destruction of parts of the world continue and are called necessary buy the banks earning all the money off these little inconveniences.

Some people behave like good sheep and blindly follow the governments direction on what corporation to hate in this particular period of time, soon enough your enemy will be your neighbor but that is another story.

I believe the foundation of a bit of freedom is a strong NO. I think yes is the enemy and we should join together and beat it into submission as a group, Naw just fukin with you NO rocks

Updated: July 6, 2016 — 4:41 am

Be Free or Start Living A Valued Exitance, SLAVE of the Corporation

The pride of ownership is one of the sickest behaviors we share as human beings. The fight to keep what I have that I deprived someone else a chance to acquire is my number one priority in life, itself.  How much is enough of a specific commodity? Why are people so willing to support the thief that tricked them out of a chance to get some too?

People will do anything to gain a positive number on a bank screen. Some call it work, some don’t. I call it slavery, going along because the lord told you its evil, still works There are so many people fighting to get shit, that the shit gets on everybody, so we continue the fight to acquire our fair share of shit.

The words that define you are somehow interpreted as a representation of yourself. When did words become deeds?  If I have proof, society will have to recognize my proof through the authority that they hold over me.

I escaped ownership and found freedom the society that owns me has different ideas and values. Dropping all of the values assigned to me by the society took many years and I believe there are many values I need to drop that I’m not aware of yet.

Being flawed is natural but perfection is the lie thrown at you like a handful of shit. All the verbal illusions that enslave you are more terrifying than the threat of any gun. If a government threatens you with violence, you are living in a state. Citizens are not free, they are citizens. If someone else is protecting you from me, you are paying a thug to enforce your will on me.

The society will convince you to believe what ever profits them most is a fact. They will use politics, education and if all else fails religion to gain your consent. If that doesn’t work implied consent will make an appearance. Ignorance of the law is natural, understanding the law hurts everyone else. Its a man made concept, bastardized by state to enforce their will on the citizen as a source of revenue and labor.

Very few of us see the world as it truly is, we see the world as we are told it is. I live in peace and so does my neighbor, so far, so good. Sadly there are people who don’t like there neighbor. That is the goal of government to create an enemy to fight. Enjoy the illusion.

Updated: July 5, 2016 — 7:07 am