Be Free or Start Living A Valued Exitance, SLAVE of the Corporation

The pride of ownership is one of the sickest behaviors we share as human beings. The fight to keep what I have that I deprived someone else a chance to acquire is my number one priority in life, itself.  How much is enough of a specific commodity? Why are people so willing to support the thief that tricked them out of a chance to get some too?

People will do anything to gain a positive number on a bank screen. Some call it work, some don’t. I call it slavery, going along because the lord told you its evil, still works There are so many people fighting to get shit, that the shit gets on everybody, so we continue the fight to acquire our fair share of shit.

The words that define you are somehow interpreted as a representation of yourself. When did words become deeds?  If I have proof, society will have to recognize my proof through the authority that they hold over me.

I escaped ownership and found freedom the society that owns me has different ideas and values. Dropping all of the values assigned to me by the society took many years and I believe there are many values I need to drop that I’m not aware of yet.

Being flawed is natural but perfection is the lie thrown at you like a handful of shit. All the verbal illusions that enslave you are more terrifying than the threat of any gun. If a government threatens you with violence, you are living in a state. Citizens are not free, they are citizens. If someone else is protecting you from me, you are paying a thug to enforce your will on me.

The society will convince you to believe what ever profits them most is a fact. They will use politics, education and if all else fails religion to gain your consent. If that doesn’t work implied consent will make an appearance. Ignorance of the law is natural, understanding the law hurts everyone else. Its a man made concept, bastardized by state to enforce their will on the citizen as a source of revenue and labor.

Very few of us see the world as it truly is, we see the world as we are told it is. I live in peace and so does my neighbor, so far, so good. Sadly there are people who don’t like there neighbor. That is the goal of government to create an enemy to fight. Enjoy the illusion.

Updated: July 5, 2016 — 7:07 am


  1. It all makes sense, once you understand that you are born into a game of Monopoly. Except, we all don’t start out with $500 and 90% of the board is already owned. The competition is fierce for the remaining 10%. So, when 7 billion people are competing for their share of it, lying, cheating and stealing, even murder become part of the rules…..wanna play?:AB::P::POO::M:

    1. ~ No thanx, we are not slaves of the JewSystem !!!

      1. It is easy to opt out….Don’t play! No fancy house or car for you. But, no debt, or competition for more stuff either. Tons of “freedom from” and lots of freedom to play your own game!:AD::C:

        1. Its more fun to blame Obombya and Barney Frank than to be responsible, so I never came back

          1. We don’t choose what we are born into. We choose what to do about it. We are all slaves to something. Food, water, shelter. We do choose how to obtain them. Survival is still the lowest common denominator of physical life. Some may avoid food and water to prove their lack of enslavement. I choose not to. Still, they can be obtained ethically and honestly. Under no condition would I ever be silent. Perhaps you would were you not a slave? Your rules do not apply to me! I have more freedom from and freedom to, than most and no one gets to take it without my consent….that is freedom!:AG::C::q4::connie_1:

      2. Chanting will never change the facts, you are as much a slave as the rest of us or you would be silent

  2. ~ How can I be silent and at the same time, show you less fortunate ones how to be truly free ??? !!!!!

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