And god so loved the world, he bought it and called it EARTH

Freedom seems to center on one idea, having the guts to say NO to somebody’s request or directives. NO has many ways of sneaking into an otherwise non-confrontational situation. We free thinking folk are quick to say NO before we weigh a particular situation and balance an out come. The NOee is in a state of confusion after being exposed to the dreaded NO word and studies indicate all hell breaks loose in 63% of those questioned at the first sign of the NO word being introduced to the topic.

We all despise the NO word so much that it is an insult to hear the word NO. No you cant, No I wont and you better don’t, these words bring in high scores on the NOometer. I have a sneaky suspicion that an act of freedom is automatically interpreted in the negative by all the people who are connected to the act being played out except the actor of the alleged freedom or user of the NO word.

Our conditioning by the web of our collective society runs through each of us and either attracts or repels others, forcing a choice and creating a built in life long enemy. The black and white, the jew and muslim and my personal favorite man or woman, these have and will always divide us. The more attention you pay, the bigger the problem gets because it has your attention.

Capitalists will Capital and Socialists will Social while some of us sit back and watch the world burn, helpless to stop the rampant acts of selfishness and stupidity being acted out like a bad tv movie in what we collectively see as reality.

As we protect our corporate entities by waving flags and repeating stories children question the destruction of parts of the world continue and are called necessary buy the banks earning all the money off these little inconveniences.

Some people behave like good sheep and blindly follow the governments direction on what corporation to hate in this particular period of time, soon enough your enemy will be your neighbor but that is another story.

I believe the foundation of a bit of freedom is a strong NO. I think yes is the enemy and we should join together and beat it into submission as a group, Naw just fukin with you NO rocks

Updated: July 6, 2016 — 4:41 am


  1. Your words, bring to mind 1 Samuel chapter 17 – DAVID/DAWID vs. GOLIATH. Recommend reading… I do believe it fits at current position at the present time. The story is best understood if start reading it from chapter 16.

    Many do not wish to be oppressed any longer, but… very afraid of the GIANT.

  2. …notice how DAVID… is just a little guy who could not walk with the armor given by Saul the king. His weapons? Well… read the story. Notice the differences between the two… most importantly… NOTICE, it only took ONE MAN AND ONE STONE! THE REST OF THE MAN ALSO CAME RUNNING; “ONE HUGE CROWD”… THAT CROWD US US/YOU/I.
    🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Well said Lady estrella! It really does only take One to get the ball rolling. Thanks flash for getting Her Rolling on this 😉

  3. Estrella, thanks for looking at my words and getting your own words from my words, I like words

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