If you tell a lie you’re what gets bigger?

The reason the shit going on, is going on, is because we believe its going on. We live in such a fucked up world that when we learn infants are being injected with mercury through laws enacted by the political system and the greedy medical corporations that drool when profit can be made of human suffering, we blame everyone except John. This mess we are surviving has out grown its usefulness, the next person that complains about a gun right should think this idea through, don’t be so defensive. The government is like a little child having a fit, just add weapons and then you might think those rights were better left unspoken. A right is just words until those words are threatened. Who is threatening your rights? The media and a government that airs on MTV?

Except for the tanks, drones, guns and shit its all circles and lines on a screen, words. It doesn’t seem to take much to get people in a thick lather,  just say anything about guns and suddenly people hate each other over a subjective opinion about a tool.

If we lived in an honest world where the consequences of your actions were expected to end well for everybody, who would get the profits? The competition to be better than everybody else isn’t working out so well. When your greed over powers your common sense you get the results you see. If you are somehow happy with these results, maybe you should share because these results are self evident but displayed with the marketing prowess of a perfume company.

Society has never had a worse reputation. Staged mass murders, CIA acting like terrorists and fuking land management picking off a guy that said no. These crimes are the horrid ideas in some politicians brain to buy a boat. What will the public fall for next? Not all the violence is faked, the real stuff is blamed on cave dwellers that couldn’t find Paris with a map, sound suspicious? If not what the hell don’t I see here?

Updated: July 9, 2016 — 7:41 am


  1. OK What gives here? Nobody is correcting my mistakes I feel abandoned

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