The Return of Captain Spalding

Has your comfort zone been trashed by the government, has it been corrupted by the media, have you been inconvenienced by those nasty towel heads seeking refuge after being bombed into the 16th century? The good folks at FLASHCO have an idea to make your life snugly and warm,  again! Stop listening to MSM, stop invading foreign corporations to absorb their resources and grow HEMP like you know what you’re doing!!

I don’t expect everyone to understand these simple directions. The complex thinking of the 21st century makes simplicity a chore. At FLASHCO we understand your position and if you lean forward just a little further, this will hardly hurt at all.

On the other hand, if it weren’t for video links the masses who cant read would have nothing to cry about, so they get their knowledge through the machine. Yeah, the machine isn’t running well, doesn’t really make sense and when all is said and done, it runs like a ten year old child looking for cookies. Progress man, is it everything you pictured it would be.

My comfort zone has not been compromised to date, but with a nudge from the empire that state of being can be ruined with the stroke of an illegally operated pen. After all, these idiots who are so hopelessly addicted to the authority making their decisions for them fuck it up for those of us who refuse to bow to it.

I will continue to seek my comfort at TDT, listening to my fellows spew their opinions of what is on the RLM and an occasional Youtube link to keep my appearance of normal in tact, but fuck FB. If you truly want comfort start controlling your environment and keep the sheep at bay.

Its not the masters that keep us in line, its our peers.

Updated: July 10, 2016 — 4:42 am


  1. I have a young friend on that dreaded Fb and he posted a meme about a female soldier hugging her young child, getting ready to go and kill other’s children. The amount of flak he recieved is the point of him geting death threats and attempts to get him fired from his job by a bunch of knuckle dragging arseholes. One dissenter to his opinion spread the hate to his mates and well he is getting shit upon. Got to admire him, he’s sticking to his right of free speech has not caved.

    1. It is my goal to get the reader of my crap to be inspired, think of something ignited by my crap and follow up with the readers crap…Thanks Bee:reading-052:

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