POTUS Hilldawg! Are You Nuts?

At the trial that most folks swore would never happen, it was Hillary taking the stand that brought the crowd in to see the show. The judge, jury and executioners were totally surprised by the level of honesty she had when she spoke about her alleged criminal activities.

Who knew that after all the years of treating people like livestock that the queen of self centered cunts would contract a disease that only Cannabis could treat successfully. After beating everyone, every time it came down to being dependent on others. The queen had a problem and this was what happened, swear to…

A medical Doctor with a grudge had worked his way into the interweb of her survival and medicated her with Cannabis to relieve the chronic pain and nausea that came with her new illness. It seems the doctor prescribed enough medicine and Hillary was finally caught, she could no longer lie to harm others.

The End

Updated: July 12, 2016 — 12:02 pm


  1. Did you just get your Crystal Ball back from the Shop?

  2. No Mary, I was sitting with a cup of coffee and 5 spliffs and when I regained consciousness this was on the screen. So I clicked post comment.

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