Month: August 2016

Old Blood n Guts

The night that Obooboo and Putinitin met was what we were all waiting to see, the meeting of the powerful decision makers, a no holds barred, winner take all fight to the death! At last we could get to the end of the endless fighting and come to a barbaric settlement that all would feel good about.

The crowd was on their feet, screaming for their chosen to succeed in the final conflict that would ultimately unite all of us whether we liked it or not. The one nighter started all those years ago had devolved into a love hate relationship that would result in, the two worst dogs joining forces to consummate their fiendish union and become one. The lesson we all learned that night was, people will do anything to survive.

Updated: August 26, 2016 — 9:19 am

Why Do Ya Gots Ta Have Bad Guys?

As I stroll through commerce land on my way to get out of the city land one idea stands out above all others. What is this renegade idea trying to prove? As the thug with the gun says, show me your papers I wonder, Why Do Ya Gots Ta Have Bad Guys?

There was a time when the Law behaved like human beings, there are people who claim they are doing a dirty job. Life is better without them. I have read there are people so tired of the cops the people are shooting back.

Whether its true or not isnt as important as the danger of the idea being real. The threat of Law enforcement killing people like its a sport made wonder who the bad guys are.

Updated: August 14, 2016 — 12:18 pm