Month: September 2016

Am I addicted to terrorism?

Imagine a world where people live in peace and prosperity, now forget it, it is not in the plans of the shit heads running your life down the toilette. Hillary was digging her claws into the terrorists must be stopped rhetoric without participating herself. She got her sheep to carry that dead horse for her through the deception of 911.

Then her supporter Trump agreed to play the part of her worthy adversary, prompting the ignorant rah rah voters of the other stupid party to stay violent and hate victims of US business aggression carried out by the Military using every dirty trick and misdirection their team of experts in congress could find.

Here we sit in 2016 awaiting the opportunity to get Obama out and change the smell of shit in the oval office and the public laps it up like its a tasty treat fit for a debt slave.

Is this the best we can do as a collective?

Updated: September 21, 2016 — 12:29 pm