Month: December 2016

Two peas in a pod or two watermelons in a patch, its all gmo stuff now

It was a skin blistering hot Tuesday morning when I was invited to support the political candidate of my choice and a little air conditioning might have been the thing I needed that day. I noticed even though there were 57 choices not one candidate said or did anything that remotely interested me so I chose the heat. Looking back at the situation not going was the best answer to this epic decision.

Politics incites violence and division. Name one instance where a conflict was solved with either diplomacy or violence, they just go on and on making us corporate enemies to protect the state. They are trying to sell you war, they are trying to sell you exceptionalism and they are lying with every breath they steal.

All the energy wasted telling and entertaining lies is how we got to where we are now. Its not the elite, its not the politicians, its us. We all get frothy around the mouth saying Hillary should go to prison or by making fun of Trump for his stupid immigration ideas. These people don’t solve problems. They are jesters on a stage, nary a brain cell could be found among them and the crowd begs them to continue, maybe we will defeat the terrorists and live in democracy is the tune they hum and we all know government is bad for everybody except the government.

The governments equally incite violence and create the division within the group that really doesn’t exist in the first place. Political partys are like tits. How can you favor one tit over the other tit? The people who claim to stand in your defense against the doers of evil are representatives of  the doers of evil pretending that evil exists. Does Coke, Monsanto or Glencore mean anything to anybody? Research them who believe they own you and stop begging them to own you.

The front men for these corporations fly around the world telling their sheep to conserve and think of the other guy as they fuck life up for the average Joe through the most ridiculous displays of greed and narcissism ever performed in a public venue. One of the best cons the fed promoted was advertising in central and south america to send their poorest to the USA for a new beginning with the financial backing of the host government and telling the citizens they are entering illegally. Owning land is such a huge lie it leads people to be concerned about all the wrong problems. Is there a difference between being an immigrant and being a settler?

Like what is happening to Palestine, victimize the aggressor and play games with the truth by blaming a land grab on a religion based lie that most of us don’t dare to challenge. We engage in popular rhetoric or religious wars we don’t know anything about to stay irresponsible unless you consider researching a myth research. Like religion politics is man made but the writers claim divine inspiration to explain their ridiculous tales of snakes, ribs and big boats that carried big animals. The masses use emotional weakness and the suffering of others as a foundation to toot the horn of their personal authority, so the average Joe seems comfortable on his knees begging for somebody else to do something.

My assessment of the political theater I am watching earns these asshats a big thumbs down the only accomplishment they take credit for is destruction. Everything they touch turns to shit and all who participate are forced to fight each other to attain the correct answer. Could this design be the cause and not the cure?


Updated: December 30, 2016 — 4:11 am

Barbed Wire or Rope?

There is a moment that arrives when the fear of the unknown is less terrifying than the knowledge of the known, at that instant a decision is made and in a flash life takes a new direction.

Leaving normal is frowned upon by those who profit from or believe they make the wheels of normal turn and the crowd begs for the chains of safety and security, because as we all know, safety first is the cry of the hopelessly indoctrinated. I never did understand what safety has to do with the unknown, so society in their collective superiority created an explanation for my own good.

Society made lists of rules to be obeyed with strict guidelines and regulations complete with detailed punishments for disobeying.

As the leadership brags about the freedoms and the security their untrained, heavily armed enforcement professionals have kept for them, they ignore the average Joe that is expected to do as they are commanded by a stranger with what appears to be a shiny badge and a loaded weapon.

Its barbed wire or rope

Updated: December 29, 2016 — 11:08 am