Hey Buddy, Gotta Light?

I See SO Many People Trying SO Hard to Convince Others of How WRONG They Are…. In Their Thoughts, In Their Words, In Their Deeds….. TELLING Them that They MUST Follow The Leader….. and They would Take It Upon Themselves to LEAD the Masses.

Well, I Don’t WANT or NEED a “Leader”….. but a Light would be Handy.  You See, A “Leader” doesn’t care if there’s Light…. The “Leader” Knows The Way (so they say)….. and will DRAG You, if necessary, through Mud & Muck & Brambles…. Over Burning Coals & Broken Glass & Jagged Rocks….. For Your Own Good, of course,  to Reach THEIR Goal….. (toughen up buttercup, cuts & bruises & broken bones build character). Oh, and if that “Goal” turns out to be a Shyte-Hole…. well, Be Prepared to “Take One for The Team” ’cause Your Name just Changed to “ScapeGoat”…..

Now, A Light also Doesn’t CARE How Many Obstacles are In The Way…… It just Does It’s Job by Illuminating the Area so You can Pick Your OWN Path. A Light Really doesn’t have a Goal Either except to SHINE….. oh sure,  sometimes that Light needs a Little Help from others….. you know, Flipping a Switch or Pushing a Button…… but seriously, A Light is Perfectly Content with either Resting or Shining….. because That’s What It Does…. and it’s Good with That.

So, The Next Time Someone “Offers” to Be My Leader…. I don’t know about the rest of Y’all…. but I’m simply gonna ask…… “Hey Buddy, Ya Got a Light?” (PuffPuffPass Don’tcha Know 😉 )

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