Month: March 2017

Travel Forecast

Here with the Weather Forecast for those of you Traveling to CrAzY Town is Grammy Mary

For those of you being Driven In on I&A Way, it’s Raining Cats & Dogs, but once you get past Ben Dover Road it eases off to just a Few Poodles.

If you’re taking the Train….. Ozzy has just informed me that he is Almost Topped Off with his GO Juice! The Tracks are Clear and you should arrive right on schedule.

Finally, if you are Flying In on Cuckoo’s Nest Airlines, there appears to be quite a bit of Turbulence Over the Belfry due to the Bats feeling a bit agitated this morning, but you should experience Smooth Sailing once you get Over the Rainbow.

I hope to See You Soon….. I’ll leave the Door Unlocked & The Lights On….. but I probably won’t be Home

Film @ 11:00

Updated: March 10, 2017 — 9:11 am