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      Welcome to Freedom’s Network

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      Glad to be back in the loop. Life took me away from WT, wish I could get some of the postings I posted up on there. My old pc crashed and WT was one place I had posted some of what I thought was educational and informative! LOL
      Oh well out with the old and in with the new, right?
      Glad to be back with you guys!


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      I joined WT as I wanted an alternative to Facebook, a place away from the government’s prying eyes and information gathering. I hope WT’s policy followed here. Let me know. Thanks!

      Facebook’s format obviously cannot be excelled, but our privacy should never be compromised, nor should our first amendment.

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        First off, again, Welcome to FN, Beezle 🙂

        There only 2 rules on FN:

        Freedom’s Network Rules
        1: No nudity
        2: No being a dick.
        If you can refrain from violating those two rules, you will be safe from being kicked off the site.
        If you’re here to Troll, be bullies, or fling crap at others, you wont last here.
        We are not WT and never will be. So we wont have the same issue as WT had.
        Your opinions are valuable, but judgments of others is not your place!
        It’s as simple as that.

        As far prying eyes go, we are locked down pretty tight, there few things that can be seen by non-members, those that are visible are either by request of the author or info about the site to let interested people know what they going to see when they join.

        Only that publicly available content can be seen by search engines. Of course, there is nothing to prevent some government agent/troll/snoop from joining the site as a member.

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Viewing 2 reply threads
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