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  • This is a bad idea.

  • I smell fear

  • A word for donald
    by Flash

    Hey Don, like the idiot before you and the idiot before him, I wont believe or take seriously anything that comes out of your promissory based pie-hole. There are a few of us that look beyond words spoken and see the lies and deceit you and your kind thrive on to maintain your illusion of power. It is a good story and you tell it like a bitter old jewish gramma, keep up the good work.

  • Fight Fight Fight or kick back and burn one

  • Will we ever bask in the glorious after birth of the 2016 election or will life continue down Boredom Road on its way to Dullsville, USA and other fictitious places? Less then 50% of the public at large chose the big top slave master over the nuke em slave master, progress is always ignored so the dumb people can feel good.

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