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    BTWRLM314, Thou Shalt Not Be Clueless, Seeing Stealthily, Like “Persistent CONtrails” Too, Oughta Be A Right, Right?, Which is Agenda, Global Culling Management, Properizing Police Power, SECret Law!?, Teflon Banking, Digital Dragnet Detail, Japan, F-35, Jet Disappears, Alien Attack, Peculiar Cloud, NASA, AZURE, Trimethylaluminium, Florida, Home Grown, ATSDR Report, Glyphosate, Cancer Risks, Vehicle Pollution, Asthma, 5G, Rockefeller, Climate Resilience, Unvaccinated Children, New York, SEC, Crypto, Crime Spree, Undeniably Priceless, Mega Banks, Tracking Phones, Google, Hot Diggity Doge

      • …have not had a chance to listen to it yet, but is sure coming!
        I sure would love to see this sort of “teaser” menu before your talk-show. It’s always great to look forward to what is coming and get the “thinking hat” and dusting off the “cobwebs”