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  • 9 nurses who were pregnant at same time show off their babies

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    PLEASE, won’t anyone think of the Corleone family

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    • If true… taking the cowardly way out or those above him decided to protect themselves
    • Can anybody identify this man

                VIDEO: “Charles Manson – Entrevista com Geraldo Rivera 1 de 7”
                English interview.

                …and yes, “resources” includes the “human resource”. Yeap… Mankind has been demoted to being a mere “resource”, making much easier for disposal. Is it not what has happen every time when Mankind has been demoted? Does the tittle “SAVAGES” sound familiar? How about “BEAST OF BURDEN”, “LIVE STOCK”? Does anyone one think that… that sort of MENTALITY NO LONGER EXIST? Really? Then, can someone explain to me the terms:…

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                • Oh yes, is an old blurry video. However, the AUDIO IS CLEAR
                    • Oh what amazing words; perhaps that is exactly the reason as to why the aim is to make the so called LGBT AGENDA STRONG. The “system” knows well…
                      Listen carefully, my beloved BROTHERS… EVERYWHERE AND ANYWHERE
                      MINUTE 2:06 – 2:18

                      …and keep the above in mind when you read the below article. Then ask yourself about… since when this nation’s populace need to apply for a license/permit and insurance for doing a PEACEFUL ASSEMBLY? WHAT EVER HAPPEN TO THE CONSTITUTION? AND THE ABILITY TO PROTEST = OPPOSE? OR TO HAVE FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION/SPEECH? AND IS IT NOT CONSTITUTE DISCRIMINATION AGAINST HETEROSEXUALS?

                      ARTICLE: “Plan for Straight Pride rally rejected – but California city offers alternative i…

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                  • The bigger and more obvious question here is:

                    How is it that at PRESENT TIMES when “humans” are being “roundup” through the use of FORCEFUL-DECEIT” to live in MEGA-CITIES everywhere for facilitating governments aaaaaaall over the Earth – of MONITORING AND CONTROL of “humans”… the animal kingdom and the vegetation of the field CONTINUES TO BE IN RISK OF EXTINCTION

                    So, really then… WHO IS CAUSING THE MASS DESTRUCTION OF OUR HOME-EARTH Particularly when many among us has witnessed what happens to PROTESTORS with new “laws/rules/regulations” created and put into effect AGAINST THOSE WHO WANT DESPERATELY PROTECT OUR DETRIMENTAL TO ALL LIFE RESOURCES AND ENVIRONMENT That information is not hard to find… it…

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                      • Excellent information and a VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION.

                        The populace has been continually bombarded with all sorts of created crisis-diversion designed to make it hard to focus.
                        Therefore, here is where repetition and simplifying the continuous barrage of of technical and “legalizze-language”; plus the “CHAMELEON-CAMOUFLAGED-RENAMING” CARD = as the populace gets to know and/or understand then a new name or different but most equal meaning or even so widely liberal that makes it possible to coverup the specifics… a good example is sugar on labels. Corporate as monsanto can just be as simple as sold and given a new name, but, it does not mean that GMO’s no longer exist. Most recent is the “CHIP-AWAY LAWS” until the original…

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                        • …above all things, let none of us be discouraged


                          Let us instead look forward to the “break of the dawn” of a brand new day where EVILNESS has no place among our STRONG WORLDWIDE FAMILY

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                        when jews run goyim retard governments,,,yes it’s the international jewery

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                        Jew Richard Kalergi’s Agenda – Pan-European Union 1923

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                        No Place For Antisemitism – expulsions and massacres of Jews in Europe.pdf

                        • VERY INTERESTING…Thanks for the share Bob Renner
                          VIDEO: “The Truth About Slavery: Past, Present and Future”

                          MINUTE: 34:46 – 40:00

                          Soooo, then… SLAVERY REALLY = TO HUMAN TRAFFICKING, WHETHER THE EXPLOITATION IS VIA… SEXUAL OR LABOR; then, as it was in the case of history recorded in which it is found a LINK BETWEEN THE COOPERATION OF GOVERNMENT(S) AND THE WEALTHY… so it also seem to still holds true at present times. Otherwise, the disappearance/kidnapping of young children or even adults has been unable even to this day to be stopped. Of course that in itself gives us the possible answer to the infestation experienced by the worldwide populace, that only POWER in high places…

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                          • …one should remember that aaaaall this possible through the DESTABILIZATION OF A NATION, whether is done via conflict = implementation of sanctions which in itself is WAR against a nations populace to gain control over a nation, the use of GANG-LORDS AND DRUGS, INVASION, BOMBINGS = DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY, A FULL BLOWN WAR OR ANY OTHER MEANS that of course… may serve as forcing individuals and families forsake their own nation.
                            When carefully thought about it… it just another way for HUMAN TRAFFICKING DONE IN PLAIN SIGHT
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