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    • VERY INTERESTING…Thanks for the share Bob Renner
      VIDEO: “The Truth About Slavery: Past, Present and Future”

      MINUTE: 34:46 – 40:00

      Soooo, then… SLAVERY REALLY = TO HUMAN TRAFFICKING, WHETHER THE EXPLOITATION IS VIA… SEXUAL OR LABOR; then, as it was in the case of history recorded in which it is found a LINK BETWEEN THE COOPERATION OF GOVERNMENT(S) AND THE WEALTHY… so it also seem to still holds true at present times. Otherwise, the disappearance/kidnapping of young children or even adults has been unable even to this day to be stopped. Of course that in itself gives us the possible answer to the infestation experienced by the worldwide populace, that only POWER in high places AND WEALTHY INFLUENCED INDIVIDUALS working in cooperation and secrecy can be possible to hide the inability stop it. Regardless of how many laws are written against it.

      The FORCED MIGRATION OF INDIVIDUALS OR EVEN CARAVANS OF MIGRANTS at more resent times are indeed the servants of CHEAP LABOR = SLAVES to the receiving nation which ever one happens to be. They serve also as means for keeping the hosting nation’s WAGES LOW as well, helping in the CREATION OF ONLY TWO CLASSES: THE WEALTHY AND THE POOR IN WHICH THE “REACHING FOR THE MIDDLE CLASS” DISAPPEARS! Which brings forth PERPETUAL ENSLAVEMENT OF THE MASSES.
      Therefore, it should not be to anyone’s surprise for the creation and adaptation of the so called CONTINUOUS AND ORDERLY MIGRANT IMMIGRATION ADAPTATION BY THE UNITED NATIONS = UNITED GOVERNMENTS OF THE WORLD AND SUPPORTED BY CORPORATE

        • …one should remember that aaaaall this possible through the DESTABILIZATION OF A NATION, whether is done via conflict = implementation of sanctions which in itself is WAR against a nations populace to gain control over a nation, the use of GANG-LORDS AND DRUGS, INVASION, BOMBINGS = DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY, A FULL BLOWN WAR OR ANY OTHER MEANS that of course… may serve as forcing individuals and families forsake their own nation.
          When carefully thought about it… it just another way for HUMAN TRAFFICKING DONE IN PLAIN SIGHT