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        • Excellent information and a VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION.

          The populace has been continually bombarded with all sorts of created crisis-diversion designed to make it hard to focus.
          Therefore, here is where repetition and simplifying the continuous barrage of of technical and “legalizze-language”; plus the “CHAMELEON-CAMOUFLAGED-RENAMING” CARD = as the populace gets to know and/or understand then a new name or different but most equal meaning or even so widely liberal that makes it possible to coverup the specifics… a good example is sugar on labels. Corporate as monsanto can just be as simple as sold and given a new name, but, it does not mean that GMO’s no longer exist. Most recent is the “CHIP-AWAY LAWS” until the original looses its meaning which = to intentionally replacing what once was.

          So… that leaves REPETITION; a way to remember and learn in order to “clear the fog” and not get lost “in the shuffle”… and continue the good fight against EVIL = DECEIT, DECEPTION WHICH IS MANKIND’S WORSE ENEMY.

            • …above all things, let none of us be discouraged


              Let us instead look forward to the “break of the dawn” of a brand new day where EVILNESS has no place among our STRONG WORLDWIDE FAMILY