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    Sovereigns World Wide
    QUASI-BIBLE-OF-THE-NEW-WORLD-ORDER -KJV-word text frauds QUASI = means fake

    In Roman law, anyone’s name who is all CAPITALIZED is the lowest form of a slave, and has lost all their rights, whereas a Citizen is the highest form of slave owned by Rome.
    Looking at that Capitalization in that new KJV book, is a bit suspicious.

    a bit? didn’t you look in KJV and see the truth,,your such a knuckle head,lol, that GOD in KJV according it’s grammatical text is not the God that you think it means, or who you mean or pray to,,but if you grew up using that bible-which it has been CORPORATIZED,,you’ve been tricked,hoodwinked your whole life,my friend,,did l help the blind to see,,,remember you have a capitalized given name the PERSON,,so the old world order gave you a CORPORATIZED GOD- BIBLE ,HOLY BIBLE in plain sight to use,because they knew you could not read,so you’ll pray to their CORPORATE GOD and not the God of the Universe,,,per sa’,,,sorry bro your whole religious life has been a KJV deception,,just like when you use and represent your CAPPED NAME-PERSON,,,a very old slick trick.

        • Any presentment coming into my house containing DOG LATIN name or passage in the text, is disqualified as a foreign, unreadable document.
            • exactly the case in point,,,if one,anyone after learning the truth of such frauds and still by-passes these frauds as conjecture,,then they themselves are mentally living the lies and deceptions of their deceivers giving them power over their minds and souls and the possession of the living vessel ,the body of which contains all that he or she is.this is the crook of the matter,free the mind,free’s the soul and the body just inherently gets the benefits from these freedom’s of thought and their prevailing sovereign status and lawful actions in a modern free society.