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  • A VERY SPECIAL MESSAGE TO THE PATRIOT MOVEMENT: Donald Trump is NOT who we thought he was

    A VERY SPECIAL MESSAGE TO THE PATRIOT MOVEMENT: Donald Trump is NOT who we thought he was

    • There is another choice!

      Our Brother Esau MUST loose the fear of placing his sword down and TOGETHER learn new ways = skills… work, beautify and lovingly care for Papa YHWH’s Creation, live in harmony and rejoice together in aaaaaaaall the blessing Papa YHWH ever so lovingly has provided to aaaaaall His children. THEREFORE, THE BURDENSOME YOKE BE BROKEN

      …of course, that means… NO DECEIT ALLOWED

        • …and of course if he does not want to put his sword down, then, Jacob whose name Papa YHWH changed to Israel… his children still can chose to place their 2 “cards” on the table….

          Time will provide more info.

        • I appreciate your awakeness.
          Israel is the only country that America allows to subvert itself.

          In “COOPERATIVE FEDERALISM” Dr. Brown explains the difference between the jurisdictions of the “United States” (the U.S. government in Washington, DC) and the 50 independent, sovereign “states of the Union”. He does NOT offer his opinions. Instead, he illustrates the historical facts primarily through citations of U.S. Supreme Court decisions.

          Each of the 50 independent, sovereign states of the Union is a FOREIGN COUNTRY with respect to the other 49 Union states AND with respect to the United States government. Therefore, unless a…[Read more]

        • by John-Henry Hill, M.D., Ph.D.

          November 18, 2014

          Revised: August 22, 2017



          I recently read a news article in which a “nosey neighbor” in an up-scale neighborhood called the police to report that the woman next door was allowing her children to play outdoors in their own backyard under the supervision of their nanny, Nikki.

          Nikki had been the children’s nanny since they were babies and the children clearly loved Nikki very much. However, the youngest child had the habit of crying loudly just prior to falling asleep. The parents had consulted several pediatricians and neurologists about their behavior, who all stated that the child would “grow out of it”.…[Read more]

          • The Public Notice.
            I\’m about to issue a statement in public which will read \” In the absence of lawful money as required by the Australian constitution 1901, I use the electronic currency only due to necessity and under protest. Furthermore I realize the debt cannot be paid with the currency issued as debt.

                    • You hit it right on, very well said

                        • …and since is similar globally being that there is coming from the “same place”, your words would apply to the rest of us as well.
                            • Just quote your organic Constitution.
                                • My organic one?
                                  There was none back then, no laws were needed and the intent was that it would be none. But long behold, the whole dream went on hold because what was clean and wholesome… was gone and deceit set in which is still very much alive today.

                                  Money did not existed! It was no need for it. We were to become ONE LARGE HUGE FAMILY that would spread throughout the entire face of the Earth! Making it more and more beautiful as it cultivated and well care for it. NEVER WAS THE INTENT FOR ANY OF US TO LEAVE PACKED AS “SARDINES” IN DESIGNED MEGA CITIES!!! As those in position of power have planned and their plan is well in motion.

                                  If I could, then my wholehearted wish and intent would be to truly go back to My Organic World……

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                        • \”Capitalized name is the property of Vatican by virtue of copywrite. It\’s not your name. Consenting to it constitute a crime of impersonation.\”

                                  • It serves them well as “THE DIVIDE AND CONQUER CARD”

                                    The birth certificate… that it sure appears to be a certificate of ownership with much larger tentacles than just mere designation targeted as way to identify where an individual is to belong; a particular state or any particular nation or even which continent… whatever one it happens to be. It does have the power of division same as the boundaries placed as “borderlines” among states, nations, and continents. Letting individuals know when it “left” one and enter another.

                                    The Vatican/Rome/pope is the top controller. There is no secret that it positions itself as “The Ruler of the World”, reason as to why it uses the governments of the world as “the enforcing…

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                                    • Think about it, “The Ruler of the World”… now, connect the piece with the now in process of moving of what is known today as the United Nations to man made FAKE-ISRAEL! Which it looks like the moving of embassies has began. The Vatican/Rome/pope long awaited “dream-deal”, to rule the world from the land Papa YHWH chose for His ancient nation of Israel which of course was destroyed due to COVETING = UNFAITHFULNESS.

                                      But… Why the importance and/or arrogance to rule from the once home to the ancient Israelites? Because, that is/was the chosen birth place of Papa YHWH future KING FOR HIS NEW JERUSALEM = HIS CHOSEN TRUE NATION OF ISRAEL; that is why.

                                      Birth certificates… mmmmmmm

                                      Interesting how in your shared article, it…

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                                      • So, does it matter you called yourself american, japoness, syrian, chinaman, russian or any other? Only to the wannabe “MASTER” who also happens to think that possesses the power of INFALLIBILITY = UNCHALLENGED WORD.

                                        …EARTHLING! I’m related to those who are EARTHLY-BORN for sure my brothers and sisters are many, some, my fleshly eyes can see and some do not; and… now spread aaaaaaaall across the entire face of the Earth… our home.

                                          • Recomend reading Bereshith/Genesis Chapter 3

                                            There is more thoughts that would like to share, but, can we come back to it later?

                                    • The US Citizen Blues

                                      By Anna Von Reitz
                                      Let’s make it clear that while you persist in calling yourself a “US Citizen” and acting “as” a US Citizen, you are laboring under a number of profound disadvantages.

                                      “US Citizens” have no access to the Constitutions nor to their guarantees and never have had. The political status of a “United States Citizen” (Territorial) and also that of “Citizen of the United States” (Municipal) was created by the Constitutions, and therefore, obviously, people adopting either one or both of these political status obligations are NOT Parties to the Constitutions. By definition.

                                      The most “US Citizens” have is a promise of “Equal Civil Rights” which gets suspended during “National…

                                      [Read more]

                                      • Good Reading

                                        Chris of the family Masters, I printed “The US Citizen Blues”… sure hope you don’t mind. At times, looking at the computer screen light it gets a little challenging. Plus, when reading a copy, it is nice to have room for making notes.

                                        However, if is not ok… tell me. I will destroy it.

                                        • Thank You for the Awesome Brainfood! I Shared to Twitter as well as on Here
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