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    • …and just like it happens with any game, it comes to sudden stop as individuals no longer wish to play it. This is one which long overdue… regardless of “the new dress”, name given or the so called “security” play given… this game is dead. It just like the saying goes, “beating a dead horse” will not make it come to life.
        • and no more free rides,,as the horse has over feed itself on nothings,yet it died of mental Malnutrition,analyzing it’s condition and it’s fiat diet in which one or more deceptions are either not enough or are too much such that the fiat fed horse causes too many incurable problems that has resulted in a very slow and painful death,,,yet the owner and people that paid or got paid to ride the horse,,, will be standing in the waiting line for a new horse to arrive,,and as it goes will forget how the last fiat horse died in the first place,,,there’s gonna be a lot of outhouse wallpaper to play with,while the whole world has a great big dump on your horseless parade.
            • “there’s gonna be a lot of outhouse wallpaper to play with”?
              But why? When it can be used to wipe our…
                • a lot of people used that term to describe what their defunct stocks and bonds could be used for when the markets crashed back in the late 1920’s,,,when out side toilets were the mainstay defacto crappers,,,,using them as wallpaper there would surely keep a cold draft off their behinds,,,therefore the best outhouse wallpaper,lol