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      • Somethings seem never to change, do they!
        …doubt very much that this two brothers were also OWNERS of the CORPORATE which is fabricating the so called “VAPORIZING GADGETS”.

        The bigger question here is: Why the real PERPETRATORS seem to keep operating WITH IMMUNITY
        Whether it happens to be as the case of above article, hard core drugs, sex trafficking and so on and on…
        Arresting the “little guys” has only been helpful in keeping the jails full and that has been the far too long of the so called “war on drugs”… which only have served as “BIG BUSINESS PRIVATIZING FOR PROFITEERING PURPOSES”. Any “good size fish” arrested… weeeeell… they get HOME ARREST OR SOME OTHER PRIVILEGES THAT LIMITS ANY REAL STAY SIMILAR TO ANYONE ELSE WHO GET NONE. Then, that may be the reason from where “SWEEEEEET DEALS” had its origin.
        Then again… it must be a very good reason as to why someone came up with the saying of “KANGAROO COURT SYSTEM”. Perhaps, it is because one must keep “jumping” so many hoops… only… kangaroos have develop the “art” of hopping

        …any chances of anyone growing loooooooong legs like the ones the kangaroos’ has