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  • Cunningham_Tessa posted an update 1 month ago

  • Cunningham_Tessa posted an update 1 month ago

    • Absolutely worth the time to “see”, pounder, share it, SAVE FOR FUTURE REFERENCE

      This truly makes sense as to the reason why the practicing of “SMOKE-SCREENS” AND “THE LOOK OVER HERE” CARD which is equal to REFOCUSING THE POPULATION as means of DETERRING

        • deter (v.)

          1570s, “discourage and stop by fear,” from Latin deterrere “to frighten from, discourage from,” from de “away” (see de-) + terrere “frighten, fill with fear” (see terrible). Meaning “stop or prevent from acting or proceeding by any countervailing motive” is from 1590s. Related: Deterred; deterring.

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      • Cunningham_Tessa posted an update 6 months ago

        Please sign and share so others can sign.
        woo hoo it worked

      • why can’t I get anything to share on here?
        I started a WH petition to leave the 2 amendment alone. I would like to share the link so people can go sign and pass on for others to do the same

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        I can’t get videos to post, WHY????????

      • Cunningham_Tessa posted an update 8 months ago


        • The money changers did NOT become wealthy by means of HONESTY, rather, it becomes possible through the practice of DECEITFULNESS… reason for which the forewarning was recorded long ago to and for our benefit.

          …by the way, it also serves as proof that for which was also recorded long ago:

          “And again I say to you, it is easier for for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter the reign of Papa YHWH Elohim.”

          Now… did he said it was an impossibility Of course NOT :no:
          However… it would be no easy task. But… why? Because, Papa YHWH’s desires NONE TO BE LOST. DAAAAAAH

            • OOOOOHYEAH! Remember those who DECEIVE their way into the Wedding? Yeap… they got their ASS escorted out the door:q122: :28::28:
          • me too
            • Thank you Cowboy Jim for all your help you are truly AWESOME

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