Trailer axles with brakes
Product Introduction
I’m an axle manufacturer from Shandong,China. We can offer the axle with good quality and fair price.
Product Parameter (specification)
Model Capacity(T) Distance of Brake Chamber Axle tube(mm) Center Distance of Spring Seat Track(mm) Total Length(mm)
LX-13T 13 ≈370 150/127/127 ≥940 1840 ≈2220
LX-13T 13 ≈370 150/127/127 ≥940 1840 ≈2220
LX-13T 13 ≈370 150/127/127 ≥940 1840 ≈2220
LX-13TBII 13 ≈330 150/127/127 ≥940 1840 ≈2220
LX-16T 16 ≈350 150/127/127 ≥950 1850 ≈2240
LX-20T 20 ≈350 150/127/127 ≥950 1850 ≈2260
LX-25T 25 ≈350 150/127/127 ≥950 1850 ≈2260
Product feature and application

Production Details
1.Special heat-treat, low-alloy steel axle beam,it has the virtues of good synthetic performance, strong load ability and lower self weight.
2.High quality alloy solid spindle, through unibody heat treatment, provide superior fatigue capability.
3.High performance premium non-asbestos brake linings,extend service life.
4.Easy for ABS installation.
5.Camshaft, matching with special seals, can ensure no entry of the grease into the brake drum,more safety.
6.New tight fit hub cap habe O rings, high property for sealing.
7.Full range of stud fixing such as ISO, BSF and JAP, it can meet the requirements of various wheel rims.
1. Are you a factory or a trading company?
We are a factory and established in 2010.
2. Is OEM available?
Yes, OEM is available.
3. Is the sample available?
Yes, samples are available for you to test the quality.
4. Are the products tested before shipping?
Yes, all of our products were inspected piece by piece and they are all qualified before shipping.
5. What’s your quality guarantee?
ISO 9001:2008 Quality system authentication
6. What’s benefit will you bring?
· Your clients will be satisfied wih the quality.
· Your clients will continue orders.
· You can get good reputation from your market and obtain more orders.
7. How to Packing?
We usually use the iron box, Tito’s plate or wooden case,also can be customized according to customer’s packaging requirements. Traile Axle manufacturers




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