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    • The Duran
      Published on Dec 4, 2018
      The Duran – News in Review – Episode 156.

      The Duran’s Alex Christoforou and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Mercouris discuss the protests in Paris and how they represent more much more than a dissatisfaction with fuel price hikes, having much more to do with a general anger and disgust for Macron and his globalist government policies.

      French President Emmanuel Macron has folded, giving in to the popular unrest sparked by a Napoleonic arrogance where the globalist agenda was pushed to far for middle working class French citizens to stomach. Prime Minister Edouard Philippe has announced a six-month suspension of the fuel tax hike which was the initial spark for massive unrest across France. Philippe has stated that the suspension is aimed at stopping the violence and restoring public order. In a televised speech on Tuesday, the French Prime Minister said that the government will suspend the fuel tax rise for six months in order to calm down the Yellow Vest protests, stating that no tax should endanger public unity and “the violence must stop.”