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        • VIDEO: “Peter Kornbluh: “Information is Power: Access to Archives and Human Rights in Latin America”

          University of Oregon
          Published on Aug 4, 2010
          Peter Kornbluh is the Director of the Chile and Cuba Documentation Projects at the National Security Archive. He discussed the importance of access to archives and how archival information is used to advance truth, justice and dignity for the victims of human rights abuses in Latin America and beyond.

            • …not sure about how many among us know about President Andres Lopez Obrador = AMLO was opening aaaaaaaall files including his own? Yes, that means ex FOX who along with ex BUSH and Canada signed the so called North American Union… wouldn’t be nice to know what is call “RAMIFICATIONS” tentacles of aaaaaaaall those who partook/participants, the benefits they got to rip and expansion or suppression that have been taking place in order to advance “a dreamed goal”? Unitedly working together… the steps taken to CONQUER MANKIND and aaaaaaaaaall resources.