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    What is impeachment…
    IMPEACHMENT – is only for the ELITE who receive no real punishment for criminal behaviors.
    IMPEACHMENT = Get off the “chair” for the REASON of ungentleman like behavior, therefore, A “NEW FACE” with better skills is needed. Because, the POPULACE lost the trust to THE CON.
      • …impeachment is a MAKE-BELIEVE that JUSTICE has been done. A big word handed over to the populace who does not understand its real meaning/manipulation-action taken.
        …then again, that is how they get to protect their own “club/group/class”.
        It would be easier to explain the entire populace if… one was to think that when an individual from among the populace GETS FIRED, he/she DOES NOT get to keep the once benefits his/her place of employment PROVIDED! Plus, if found engaged in criminal behaviors within the place of employment/job – no need to guess what is coming and it will be NO SUCH THING as a slap on the hand.

        Because… what the JUSTICE SYSTEM considers CRIMINAL it may indeed be NOT CRIMINAL at all. Doubt it? Then, take a hard look at BRADLEY MANNING = CHELSEA MANNING!!!