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        • “Diplomatic battles surrounding Guaido’s recognition have extended to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). According to Bloomberg, the IMF cut off Caracas’ access to almost US $400 million in special drawing rights (SDR). While the IMF has shown no signs of recognizing Guaido, and lists Finance Minister Simon Zerpa as Venezuela’s representative, sources told Bloomberg that a government must be recognized by a majority of the Fund’s members to access its SDR reserves.
          “….Bank of England has refused to repatriate an estimated $1.2 billion worth of Venezuelan gold held in its vaults.” (from article)
            • All those nations/governments sitting around the table at yesterday’s meeting… and YET… most still RECITING THE SAME SCRIPTED “SONG” and not much is said about the fact that Venezuela is experiencing a crisis due to AN ECONOMIC WAR HEADED BY THE USA AND ALLIES AND SUPPORTERS/PEDDLERS OF THE SAME…. and that my beloved ones is a FACT! A fact that the worldwide population must also acknowledge that it is a WAR AGAINST THE POPULATION OF VENEZUELA! Sanctions, looting, and BULLING.

              “Pence went on to reiterate the warning that “all options are on the table” to oust the Maduro government. “This is our neighborhood,” he told reporters” (from article)

              SORRY MR. PENCE AND ADMINISTRATION… This is NOT “OUR NEIGHBORHOOD”, NO NOT YOURS, MY, OR ANYONE ELSE; Venezuela is of the Venezuelan population is their homeland.

              The Earth was CREATED for the benefit of a “handful” of individuals
              much less to be EXPLOITED onto DESTRUCTION

              …for what’s worth, as for me is concern, there is nothing I desire more than true Peace to come to our ENTIRE HOME EARTH; that MANKIND may learn to PLAY, SHARE IN LOVING KINDNESS, RESPECT ONE ANOTHER… RATHER than continue learning about treacherous ways, war, and spending time thinking about how to take my/your brother’s/sister’s belongings = COVETING!