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    INTERESTING RESEMBLANCE PARTICULARLY WHEN ONE CONSIDERS THE HISTORY BEHIND OF THE “Lago de Texcoco” and the reasons for its cancellation. But gets better and more interesting to see the architectural design between the vatican’s floor and the airport
    MINUTE 6:16

          • MINUTE 2:12 AND 4:14


            4.- End the corruption of Enrique Peña Nieto The White House, copied university theses, governors in jail for cases of, the disappearance of 43 students, children who received false chemotherapy and billions of dollars, were just some of the facts that made Enrique Peña Nieto’s government stained by the.
            3.- End the business of politicians According to the Proceso magazine, in Mexico politicians have their own way of being without being. As they hear it, apparently what they do to emerge victorious from their misdeeds is to put a much higher price on what the works really cost and with the money from our taxes they give millions in profits to the seemingly winning companies, who they give back some of the money “in the dark.”
            2.- Corrupt companies In a report made by the Mexican Institute for Competitiveness (IMCO), the companies that received contracts for the works for the New Airport were analyzed, and several that have been related to corruption cases.
            1.- Through a video on their social networks, López Obrador revealed that the real reason for all the scandal made by the current government about the cancellation of the New Airport, is because they plan to keep the land of the current airport to build a new shopping plaza similar to the Santa Fe Center, which is the largest shopping plaza in Mexico and produces billions of dollars in profits each year.
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                  • …a very smart and PRUDENT idea to cancel it, since building on a “swamp” TERRAIN is = to knowing of its FAILURE long in advance. However, it DOES open a wide door for aaaaaaaaaaall sorts of….

                    Yeap…. soooooooooo very WICKED