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    VIDEO: “In full: President of El Salvador on migrant deaths, Trump and tackling corruption”

            • Sky News
              Published on Jul 3, 2019
              In a full-length interview, President Bukele of El Salvador says it is vital to improve quality of life and infrastructure in to stop people wanting to leave his country.

              He responds to Donald Trump calling his country a rude name, and the ongoing fight against organized crime, corruption and violence.

                • …another interesting event worth following – Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras join forces to help their own. The goal is for migration to be choice and NOT one being forced by an individual’s circumstances suffering in their own nation.

                  Let us always remember that CORRUPTION is not easy to uproot… but, not impossible. Corruption and Power seem to foment together and the participant-partakers may not want to let go… particularly those in high places.

                    • Would it make more sense for EVERY NATION be left to be SELF SUFFICIENT? Is too bad that even right here in the USA becoming a self sufficient family by practicing what is call LIVING OFF THE GRID get to be at times an impossibility? Penalized by so many created violations which in reality are means to COLLECT more funds.
                      Sure would be nice to find out or even to begin to imagine how our Home-Earth would be WITHOUT THE MONETARY SYSTEM! Because, the more one gets to be aware of the ATROCITIES committed due to money, (regardless of what the name is given) then, even those in power and/or wealth would have to labor… just like anyone else. Helping one another and respecting each other’s space/home/nation/land. There is enough room for all! Yes, all living beings… from Mankind to the small bacteria living in the ground/land which they are also a very important part of life.
                      …built things to last rather than making disposable garbage; sure we all shall have time to nurture our families and learn to play rather than taking fascination over glorifying war, violence, and the creation of weaponry.
                        • Have anyone ever stop to thing just how many things enforced at present times WOULD COLLAPSE… go up in smoke so to speak IF THE MONETARY SYSTEM WAS NO LONGER IN EXISTENCE?

                          No more fitting about OIL… no more FRACKING… EATING ORGANIC CLEAN HEALTHY FOOD… NO NEED FOR PASSPORTS…. How many other things could end? Can anyone even imagine… or even day-dream of it?