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    VIDEO: “Israel Peace Plan & Runaway Senators: VICE News Tonight Full Episode (HBO)”

            • Say what??? The communications director for Melania… will be the new Press Secretary?

              Published on Jul 2, 2019
              This is the June 25, 2019, FULL FREE EPISODE of VICE News Tonight on HBO.

              2:13 Jared Kushner is in Bahrain today, unveiling his grand plan for Middle East peace — or at least, phase one, which is to develop the Palestinian economy.

              9:24 Guatemalan Interior Minister Enrique Degenhart says that his country is “preparing to sign” a “safe third country” agreement with the United States. Mexico has reportedly agreed to sign one, too, if its first wave of migration control efforts fail.

              13:42 On June 20, Republican lawmakers fled from the Oregon state capitol to avoid voting on a climate change bill that they believe will hurt rural communities.

              21:00 Australian singer-songwriter Harriette Pilbeam, aka Hatchie, is talking about her new song “Obsessed” on her latest album.

                • Sooooo… what if the entire population USE THE QUORUM POWER and not show up to VOTE; then what
                    • As if the voting has ever made a difference….
                        • It has made a difference only to the extent of COLLECTING/HARVESTING the power from the populace in order to keep those positions of RULERSHIP; not for actual a FAIR-JUSTICE for all.
                          However, since the interest and goal is gain and preserve power… does it not make you even wonder just a little the “what if” the populace quorum power was used by withholding THE VOTE? Then… how would this INDIVIDUALS OF THE SO CALLED RULING CLASS would justify its “right” to rule without subjects to rule over? It wouldn’t even need to be everyone’s abstention, just enough numbers; then… they would be FORCED TO MAKE A MOVE. A move that perhaps, it would wake the heck out of many that are still confused or sitting on the fence… so to speak. After all, the “enforcer” did not become over-weaponized if “flexing its muscle” has not been at some point… in their mind.