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    Let’s see; man-made-put together fake-israel… even though does not accepts The True Chosen King of true Israel… Son of Papa YHWH, is being said that “FAKE-ISRAEL IS NOT A POLITICAL ISSUE but a BIBLE ISSUE”

          • HYPOCRITES First, fully recognize and give due honor to Yahushua true chosen Hebrew King for the True Nation of Israel, only then, it will be possible to say that is “BILE ISSUE
            MINUTE: 11:26 – 11:34
            • VIDEO: “How Jesus is depicted by Jewish artists”

              …has been stripped off His Hebrew Name. A reflection of Vatican/Rome/pope = Catholisism = One World Religion and the covenant with fake-israel

                • SOOOOOOOOOOO… The big propaganda campaign for fund-raising for FAKE-ISRAEL has began Has anyone seen the adds about “support israel” that shows the joined usa and israel pin? A gift offered for a donation!

                  …as for me is concern disgusting, yes, it is disgusting what is being done in the name of My Papa YHWH’s true chosen nation of Israel… right down a COMPLETE MOCKERY
                  The atrocities committed and continued disregard for Papa YHWH’s Torah are now self evident… no longer is found a need for further explanations or for room for any doubts.